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  1. My apologies. I meant to say that there are no MATRIX units on the market that will support Dolby Vision at 60hz via CAT cable. Atlona's IP solution will indeed accomplish Dolby Vision for you at 60hz but there are a few major downsides: 1) With a cost of $1600 for each transmitter, $1100 for each receiver, and a $600 license for each decoder, an 8x8 setup would cost $26,400 not including a network switch. This is out of reach for most consumers and about $23,000 more than the matrix that we offer. 2) According to the Atlona rep that we just spoke to and the spec sheets online, 4k60hz is limited to 4:2:0. Our HDbaseT solutions can support 4K60hz 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 for HDR10. So it seems that choosing the ability to play Dolby Vision with the Atlona solution takes away your ability to play HDR10 at its highest resolutions with HDbaseT 3) There doesn't seem to be a Control4 driver for the OmniStream line at the moment
  2. Hello, Dolby Vision is supported through the HDMI outputs only. As of today, HDbaseT does not support Dolby Vision 60hz. This applies to any HDbaseT matrix on the market, not just ours. There is no technology on the market today that will support Dolby Vision 60hz over a CAT cable. Please let us know if you have any additional questions!
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