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  1. I am not certain on this but I know people in the past have used them on 2.10 so I am assuming you may be able to use it if you don't update your system. But I would highly recommend the Z2IO. It is a very very good product.
  2. Could be programming or the driver properties. I would ask your dealer to login and check it. Should be a very quick fix. If you need more assistance I could take a look.
  3. MyQ does show feedback but some of my customers have noticed issues with delayed feedback and no feedback at all when opening it from another source not C4. I would recommend a zigbee contact sensor on the bottom (some do bottom and top so you can know if its half open) or a garage tilt sensor.
  4. Here is the programming using AV room control as an example. Room Control Driver in living room for example Programming > When Living Room Room Control enters watch or listen mode (From Room Control Driver) > Then Select your keypad > Select your Button from the drop down > Change your color in the box to the right > and select Set Led Current. For an alarm you could do, When Alarm is armed > Set Led current again.
  5. Hi paul, Just PMed you. I offer remote programming anywhere and onsite in the New Jersey/New York Area. J3
  6. If you wanted something like that, I know some people have the doorbird door station and then add the door chimes wherever they need them across their home. Doorbird has pretty decent integration with a 3rd party driver. Of course that is a whole new investment. But for your case, Alexas can not do that.
  7. No, apple tv driver doesn't have mini apps. Roku has the best mini app integration followed by firestick in my personal opinion.
  8. Multiple switches linked together is best.
  9. Are you looking for just an amplifier or a receiver with a built in amp? Do you want the music source to be from your Bose app or from C4 app sources? Also by live announcing feature, what do you mean? I do know of some 3rd party drivers that have announcements over speakers using text to speech.
  10. Most of my customers are starting to migrate from apple tvs and firesticks to Rokus. As said above, the IRUSB device and new driver does speed up the firestick pretty noticeably. I personally love the firestick but I rarely ever run into any issues with the Roku.
  11. Cart

    Theater accessories

    Awesome project!!
  12. With the Wake/Sleep agent, it goes off of the room. Meaning you can only put the wake sleep agent in a room once and configure it from there. You can have it setup to go off certain times but the issue with that is the agent uses active days. Meaning whatever time it is set to is the same on all active days. If a day is not selected as an active day in that room wake/sleep, nothing will go off on that day. From my understanding if you wanted to add different timers for different days in the same room, you would do that like you said through programming.
  13. Hi, I have been configuring and programming Control4 systems for my local customers and now I am offering my remote services to others. I have experience in both residential and commercial including small and large homes, retail and restaurants. My work is guaranteed and my rates are reasonable. If I can't resolve the issue, there is no charge. My services include: - Network Setup, Configuration, and Management (Network Engineer/PCNA Certified) - Adding Rooms and Drivers - Configuring Current Drivers - Advanced Programming including whole home lighting, single room lighting, audio video, shades, HVAC and security - Troubleshooting issues - Fully integrate Alexa, Google or Josh AI into your Control4 System - Clean up of system including Navigators, devices, rooms, and watch/listen screens - System Updates - Driver Updates - Adding and Configuring Zigbee devices and network - Adding any new physical hardware and configuring into C4 System - Configuring Favorite Channels and Stations - Adding new agents including Wake/Sleep, Announcements, ect... - Configuring Digital Media Happy Programming, J3
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