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  1. Appears it has been once again fixed. Added thermostats and mine are working as well.
  2. I don't have the exact lines of programming from composer but here is a few things that hopefully help : 1) Definitely use room control driver. Will make your life so much easier. 2) For the LED's, you can program each source per the LED. When Audio Selection changes, If Pandora/IheartRadio/Whatever is selected, Then Set LED Current on keypad button you want. 3) For Cycling through sources, with room control driver It has either 4 or 5 sources you can choose in the driver properties and then connect the Audio Source Button to the room control driver Binding. It will cycle through the sources you have selected in the driver as you press the button. Room Control Driver seems like your best friend in this project. It will save you countless hours of programming .
  3. p>This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.</p> <title>Access denied | api.ecobee.com used Cloudflare to restrict access</title>
  4. It fixed it for about a week but I went to do an ecobee install this morning using V13 and same pin issue. It appears the ones in my project at home broke as well. ERROR: Polling INACTIVE == PROPERTIES == Driver Information: Debug Mode: On PIN Code: Click "Request PIN Code" under actions tab. Driver Version: 13 == ECOBEE DEVICES == ERROR: NO DEVICES FOUND! ----------- DEBUG END ---------- Will keep showing this and "ecobee.com API blocked"
  5. Same problem right now on a customer as well. Talked to level 2 support and they basically said Ecobee is at fault and Control4 is waiting for a fix from them. If anyone gets any updates please let me know
  6. For starters, Check In Iphone settings find control4 app and make sure notifications for that app are set to what you want.... banner, popup ect....
  7. I agree with above, sounds definitely like a common zigbee issue. Check your Zigbee signals and your mesh coverage of your home. That is where you will most likely find your problem.
  8. There are loads of great programmers on here but I would be happy to take a look. Send me a PM if you are interested...
  9. EDIT: put CA-1 on it's own separate zigbee mesh (best practice is to always have full zigbee coverage by adding more zigbee servers(Too many hops can eventually slow down a mesh))
  10. Z2IO has a temp and humidity sensor.
  11. It was a pleasure Anthony. Glad things are running smooth and thank you for the kind words!
  12. Hi peter I have sent you a PM. I would be happy to take care of it. thanks, J3
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