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  1. Is the remote showing any changes when you press the red button or nothing at all happens
  2. If you have a CA-10 setup running only director, your system would speed up drastically. It is supposedly 4x the processing power of the EA-5.
  3. Not super familiar with Vizio TVs. Was just recommending to avoid using another brand driver and to use IR if no IP drivers could be found for that model.
  4. Just do IR. Get a Z2IO if you don't have a controller near the TV. You will spend more time and headaches trying to make a sony driver somehow work.
  5. Control4 usually recommends connections (bindings) with keypads before going to programming but both do work. Its the difference between making one connection from Keypad button 2 > Hallway Light, or having to program "when keypad button 2 is pressed/released > Then turn on hallway light."
  6. Does anything else fall offline when the Zigbee goes down? Are you able to use Control4 app? Does anything work?
  7. This is correct. 2.4 has a more widespread spectrum that penetrates materials better than 5 GHz which is why Control4 wanted to stay away from 5 GHz with the Neeo.
  8. Turn off the remote, then press the physical power button to turn it back on again. While the remote is starting up, press and hold the physical BACK button until you see the prompt, “Hi, nice to meet you." You have to go through first time setup to make a network change.
  9. Araknis is what Control4 recommends and supports so I don't see the benefits in changing out for the ISP.
  10. Control4 usually recommends to stay away from ISP router. Typically on Do Not Use list as it can lead to problems.
  11. Yes and No. More devices does increase the zigbee network but only up to a certain point. Each zigbee device talks to each other via hops. So if you have your EA-3 and you have 3 light switches all increasing in distance for example, and you tell control4 you want to turn off Light switch 3; The EA-3 would then find the best possible route to get to Light Switch 3. Since there is only 3 lights and 1 path, EA-3 tells Light Switch 1 to tell Light Switch 2 to tell Light Switch 3 "turn off". Then Light Switch 3 tells Light Switch 2 to tell Light Switch 1 to tell EA-3 "Light 3 is turned off". Each hop takes a few ms and therefor the more devices you add (and typically they will start to get further away from the Zigbee Server) will slow the basic functions like lights down. Now the reason we say more switches are better for a zigbee network, is because it allows for more ROUTES of hops and expands the mesh to a certain point. Meaning the EA-3 can look at all the devices in its mesh and decide what is the fastest and best route to take in order to have the least hops and fastest communication. Adding zigbee devices to increase the range and distance of the mesh does work but like I said, at some point it will just be too many hops and too much for 1 mesh. The further away you go, the more hops you need to get there which means you will start to see a slowdown of zigbee as devices get further away. Hopefully that made sense ^
  12. I have experience using DamIT and they are excellent. Highly recommend and support by C4.
  13. I would suggest having your dealer take a look at your programming and see if something is causing it from there.
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