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  1. Thanks - I will definitely call the Dealer Monday to complain. FYI on the panels — there is already Poe to each bricked panel so replacing them will just be an unplanned expense. So far everything else appears to still be working - lighting, other a/v sources, security cameras. if you pardon a few other questions: - is there a driver for the Bryant Evolution Connex hvac control? - can you get third party motors to manage Hunter Douglas manual (pull rope) shades? Thanks.
  2. Phew! Thanks. Are the C07s also POE? Will I need the dealer back to add to the system or can this be a DIY on my end?
  3. Hello - new homeowner here. Thanks for answering my questions to-date. Just had the installers here to transfer ownership of the system, setup TVs, etc... during this process, the Ea5 controller was updated to 2.10. I noticed my existing wall touch panels no longer work and I was directed to get some tablets and put them on the wall instead. This is a major bummer of course and I would have appreciated a heads-up before being told my panels will no longer work. any workarounds here? Pic of panel and version info attached.
  4. Hello! If you've been following along, I'm "taking over" from a previous C4 homeowner. Dealer is coming in 2 weeks for initial setup and training. (Going with the Home Edition + 4Sight so I'm partial to as much DIY as possible). Planning out the network, which is a best practice? I'm thinking: - all IoT devices on their own vlan (FYI: I run ubiquiti gear) - all IoT devices on assigned DHCP leases (i.e.: how well does C45 play with devices connecting via DHCP) Thoughts/recommendations? PS: Somewhat new to the remote control of this -- fair to say that if a device supports IP management and has a C4 driver, I won't need to setup IR dongles? I will have: TV, TiVo, AppleTV, BlueRay Player, and Receiver, each IP-enabled.
  5. Hello - moving in later this week into a home that has a C4 system that controls security, temperature, and whole-home audio (in-ceiling speakers at 8 locations). Apart from cabling, what's typically involved in "making the leap" to whole home video? Do I need a new ... ? Thank-you,
  6. Hello, Are there more diminutive control panels available beyond the 7"+ tablets? I was a big fan of the Nuvo control panels in size and general functionality. While this is not ideal for some parts of whole home automation, if you just want to control a few items and don't mind the up/down/select type of menu navigation, it can be less obtrusive to use this type of interface. New to the C4 world, so just curious.
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