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  1. Yes, Digital media is Visible. (As are all the other sources like TIDAL, iHeartRadio, etc..)
  2. Do you mean under "Available Audio Sources"?
  3. Hello, Purchased house last Fall, got a bunch of C4 problems fixed (Thanks @msgreenf!) and now working on some stragglers. As the weather has improved, I've had want to sit on the front porch. I thought of listening to some music but the audio doesn't seem to hit the front porch speakers. But then it struck me -- wait a minute, my announcement (star trek transporter-like sound) plays on the front porch speakers when the ring door bell senses motion. What gives? How does the announcement work but not the audio?
  4. Can you assign the LED color value by a variable? (And then just change the variable?)
  5. My gains are all out of wack - so before I update them for each room (using an older AVM-16S1-B, firmware 03.24.43) -- is there a recommended best practice for the "minimum" volume level? Since this matrix goes up in multiples of 4 (volume: 4/8/12/16), what do you recommend? Something like 30dB? PS: The instructions are there to do this right on the front console; can these values also be set by Composer?
  6. If there's a gen-zero, this house has it! (Argh) But now I'm curious - how can you tell which keypad generations you've got?
  7. Thanks - I think my keypads may be too old to have this feature.
  8. Hello, Is it possible to change the LED brightness on Keypads? For example, I'd like to dim the keypad brightness down to 20% or so between 11pm and 6am.
  9. Using the AVR’s tuner, if that’s what you mean?
  10. Good info - my question may be simpler -- how do you get Broadcast (Antenna) Channels to show up in the Navigator? I have Broadcast FM channels in the "Media" Section but these don't show up in the navigator.
  11. Yeah, I splurged. 🙂 We'll see!
  12. Oh now that's cool! Just looking - is it the designMachine software package?
  13. My wife and I refer to this as "Second System Syndrome" (which has it's own meaning, only loosely related here) -- I can't tell you the number of service providers we have had over the years whose second job (landscaping, painting, etc..) turns out to be much more expensive than the first. Good luck - with $100k into the dealer already, I'm sure you'll be able to work something out.
  14. Any concerns about the power over 802.3af? I think I will just pay the money and install the Luxe... iPort Launch - INPUT: 15V 2A DC via 2-pin connector iPort Luxe - No worries; it has a PoE connector built-in.
  15. Curious to hear if anyone has experience with both of these and could compare/contrast? At the prices ($215/LAUNCH, $375/LUXE), the main differences seem to be size (4.9"/LAUNCH, 3.3"/LUXE) and whether or not POE is built-in. Seems rather pricey to charge that premium for basically a little smaller and POE. The cases (iPad mini) are also $120 more for the LUXE. Can't I just use my own POE to DC adapter with the LAUNCH?
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