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  1. Hello, I'm just spit-balling here, but is it possible to setup a virtual switch to do some very basic AV control like mute/volume? Like if I setup a virtual switch called "Office Mute" and said "Hey Siri, Office Mute On" and had an event trigger for the switch when it changed state to then mute the volume in the room ... would that work? I'm thinking of within the confines of homebridge/homekit since I already have iOS listening devices (watches/phones) pretty much within earshot. [EDIT] - Actually just heard from the Homebridge support -- yep, this is exactly doable.
  2. Ooof. I keep forgetting - is there a good (affordable) Voice control for AV?
  3. I guess, Apple Watch with HomeKit (HomeBridge) will be what works.
  4. I just DHCP'em and then reserve the lease for whatever address they get first time they connect. Keep a spreadsheet / export from the router config that shows all of them.
  5. Click on the (4) -> Settings -> Preferences. Top line says "About" and has the Version number underneath it.
  6. I hope the integrated Intercom Anywhere functionality shows up in the iPad version...
  7. Same subnet so multicast shouldn’t be a problem but I will disable ids anyway (which also shouldn’t block anything) and report back. When I have the problem on the remote, it also exists in the app. I’ll turn debugging on in the driver and see if anything important is there. I will report back my findings. :-)
  8. Thanks. I will keep troubleshooting. I was in the TiVo beta program, which may have contributed to this behavior, but I thought they reset me back to non-beta code. Appreciate the feedback.
  9. Hello! Increasingly, my TiVO control is being unstable. Often, the remote (SR-260 or iPhone App) just won't work and I have to switch to the RF-controlled TiVo remote to use the buttons. After some amount of time, it will "come back" and start working again. It's quite frustrating -- has anyone else come across this? TiVOs are controlled via IP on the same subnet as the controller; DHCP fixed IP addresses. Have yet to find a predictable pattern to the behavior. (Happens on both TiVos that I have)
  10. Hello, With CEDIA 2020 Expo cancelled, are any new product / capabilities / integrations likely to be announced this week at the Snap Pro Live Virtual Summit that starts today? Otherwise, it would be a long year to go without any new capabilities of note.
  11. Thanks - mine came with Graber's VirtualCord device + app. Do you know if I can swap-out and use MyLink instetad? I was able to get the Somfy Z-Wave driver to work directly by hand-editing the XML file for the driver (the driver itself is encrypted, the XML wrapper is not) and putting in Graber's Z-Wave ProductID. But you don't get status of the shade and you can't stop mid-way (which looks like you can't do with MyLink either).
  12. Thanks. If you don't mind me asking -- what is the device you're using to do the bridge between the LAN (WiFi) network and the Z-Wave Somfy Radios?
  13. Are you using C4 to manage? What driver and C4 OS are you using?
  14. Hello, I have five analog coax cameras with DC power -- and each has its own "wall wart" DC transformer plugged into power strip. That's just ... bothersome. I'm thinking of replacing with a DC power distribution unit. Thoughts? Recommendations? I know, it ain't broke so maybe I shouldn't bother to fix it... since recabling (to say, POE/IP Cameras) would be a total nightmare/pain, I'll probably keep these cameras as long as I can. PS: This is for a LUMA 501-DVR-8CH system, but I don't think it matters at this point.
  15. How do you figure? The bits are being exchanged at 2.4 or 5Ghz, so 20 or 40 feet shouldn't make a difference?
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