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  1. Hello, Is there C4 support for the ezlo atom Z-wave hub? This hub came "automatically" with some blinds (somfy motor, graber blind) so I'm curious if I can use this hub or if I need to use something else. It wants to use the vera app. Thanks!
  2. I purchased a "C4 Home" within the past year. It seemed evident that the previous homeowner was not going to be putting a C4 system into their new location (or if they were -- that it was going to be all new gear) The following items were included: - EA3, EA1, 2 older SR remotes - C4 16-Port Audio Matrix Switch w/Knoll Amps * - IP-Enabled Yamaha Receivers - All lighting - Luma Camera System (5 cameras) - Security System * - Garage Door contact/switch - Ancient (not OS3 compatible) in-wall touch devices * - Apple TVs * They did not include - Western Digital "Audio Book" Music Drive - TVs - Any network gear. (All routers/APs/etc.. removed) * - Older Model, or no longer supported (ON OS3) devices. That said, it's my opinion that selling a C4 home is a bit like selling a house with a pool -- people will either love it or hate it, but you don't really get much value added to the home price.
  3. Hello, This is probably one of my dumber questions so apologies in advance. In upgrading the chip on my Honeywell Vista to 20P, can I also upgrade the keypads myself? Does upgrading the keypad require any additional programming or can I just remove (old, faded B&W touchscreen) and replace (new, keypad, no-touch-screen), keeping the wiring the same? Thanks, Christopher.
  4. I haven't found a driver. I reached out to them for an API -- it would be a nice driver to build.
  5. Does anyone know if it will integrate with the existing (Evolution Connex, in this case - a carrier infinity clone) room sensors for multiple zones?
  6. Oh. Crud. Thanks!. For $3K+, I think I can come to like beige...
  7. Looking for Matte Black Color Change Kit for v1 Switch/Dimmer.
  8. Hello, question about the color change kit )assume legacy switch). Can you convert from “flat” to “wavy” at the same time? I think not because the wavy (decora?) has the leds on the side instead of top/bottom. Also, is one of the blacks matte and one glossy? Which is which?
  9. C4 Hint Hint: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/uikit/app_and_environment/scenes/preparing_your_ui_to_run_in_the_background/updating_your_app_with_background_app_refresh
  10. It should be an easy enough change to make -- cache the configuration and refresh it using a background process.
  11. Curious - does the Roomba need lights to be on to work optimally?
  12. Thanks! If there is nothing playing and you double-tap (for un-mute) is the last audio source for the room a system variable or do you recommend setting this yourself? So I could do: double-tap: - IF playing AND mute -> UNMUTE - IF playing AND unmute -> MUTE - If NotPlaying -> Play_Last_Audio_Source
  13. Hello! I was curious how folks without 6- or multi-button keypads are managing their audio (mute/on/off/change playlist) and if any are doing it by "overloading" the regular light switch. For example, are folks that are doing this doing things like "double-tap toggles mute"? There are only so many options at play here and probably it's a bit much to remember that a triple-tap cycles through playlists, for example but a quick double-tap to mute, for example, is faster than loading the app on the mobile device (with it's forever settings/sync on app focus). Thanks!
  14. Yes, Digital media is Visible. (As are all the other sources like TIDAL, iHeartRadio, etc..)
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