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  1. How is the 6-button table-top enclosure powered? Also, you mention you have other keys available too? (You mean like with different labels?)
  2. That is great news! Since I've set of blinds on Ezlo that don't otherwise integrate with Control4 without some XML hack. It would also be nice if C4 let us write ZWave drivers.
  3. I know, right? Roku gotta open up their API so we can get these cool features natively ... increasingly I am using only the Roku and its mini-apps. I'm only using the Roku now for Tivo and the odd BlueRay/DVD. It sucks I can't get visual volume control (I don't have an SR260).
  4. I don't have a solve for your issue but to say that I am selling a used C4-16S2-E-B in the ForSale forum if you need to go down that path.
  5. I just installed this over the weekend to much delight! It’s just plain faster to ask/tell than to go into any app. My wife was thrilled with “goodnight” and “midnight snack” scenes. They were always there but she likes this more than a button on the wall or navigating the UI.
  6. Bonus question? — can you tell which output is being used with which source/stream currently in composer or otherwise? (I generated a test tone to confirm the new cables were all working — I was just curious to know if I can see this in “real time”)
  7. Does the controller automatically pick which output to use (if you have multiple cables?). Also, can you use both the analog and digital outputs as two streams or does one output (like digital) take the spot of the analog output?)
  8. Good point. Thanks. Also, FYI - not possible without a "Homepod" device like an AppleTV or HomePod device.
  9. Thanks. Curious - what does using the ASG trigger do, how does it differ from using the 1-8 Trigger? When would you use it?
  10. How does Apple Music Streaming work with an iPad setup as a "Home Hub"? For example, can I say "play Alternative Radio on [ShareBridgeSpeaker]" on my iPhone/iWatch and have the iPad load and play the radio station or music library? I don't want to share audio from my iPhone because I want to use the iPhone's built-in audio for doing other tasks while the music plays in the background. Does this make sense?
  11. This is only for iPhone version, right? (I don't see this on an iPad and I think C4 won't want to do it on an iPad because it could cannibalize their existing tablet sales)
  12. Hello, I just replaced my legacy C4-16S and Knoll amps with a Triad 8x8 and Powered Amp setup. Do I want to use the 12V trigger as a best practice or just leave in the "on" state all the time? What does the group recommend? Thanks!
  13. Hello, If I understand it right, the SR-260 update includes the ability to view the volume right on the remote display. As I am increasingly using the TV's built-in Roku Apps, I'd like to have this feature on the SR-250 remote (since the AVR audio does not display since the video is coming straight from the TV and not routed through the AVR). Is this a possibility?
  14. Removed from working C4 system. You can see the 16channel audio switch has some scratches on the top of its chassis. Speaker blocks available for Knoll; I just reused them as-is into the Triad Powered Amp that is replacing this system. Shipping to be charged at-cost. (I don't have original boxes for this kit).
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