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  1. I have done this with the app - awkward but doable. Question: if I save a "Radio Preset" or a Preset that is someone else's playlist and they modify it -- do I get the new updated playlist or is the preset just for the specific playlist created at the time of saving the preset? (I.e.: Does "Saving Preset" save the playlist, or a reference to the playlist?)
  2. I have all my iot gear in a separate vlan (or WiFi that is in a separate vlan) and rules so my PCs can talk to the iot vlan but the iot vlan cannot initiate a connection to the PC vlan. ubiquiti network gear makes this easy but other gear will probably work well too.
  3. Do you need a beta-tester? 🙂 I have a UDM + 2 AP + 2 US-8-60w switches.
  4. I was in a deep funk - you may have read some of my posts here about taking over a C4 install after a recent home purchase. It was a disaster - all the lights in a single room, old never-updated drivers, no real "cool" parts of c4 working .... and then Mitch saved the day. And a lot of dollars! Mitch did a great health-check, got me squared away, did some composer/HE review and set my system in tip-top shape. No more IR drivers! Roku Channels (Netflix, Hulu, etc..) right on the remote! Cool sounds play in the house when the Ring detects motion! Thanks, Mitch! Highly recommend.
  5. Has anyone else seen this? I have an older C4 16ChAudioSwitch and it will periodically just stop being on the network. I have it configured for DHCP (static IP assignment) and I can wake it up by pressing the Network Setup physical button and toggling DHCP off/on or ... by unplugging it and plugging it back in. Any diagnostics captured in this device that I can inspect?
  6. No - UDM includes the "Cloud Key", which is to say remote (or local) management.
  7. While I don't use the Cinegration driver, here is my setup. I'm taking advantage of their recently released UDM (Ubiquiti Dream Machine). The UDM combines an AP, GB-capable IDS/IPS, CloudKey Management, and 4-port switch + WAN connection. - UDM - 2x Ubiquiti 8-60W (4 POE ports each) switches - 2x Unify AP AC In-wall (from previous house) The setup is pretty simple after that - two VLANs and two WiFi networks in my case for regular and regular-OT (C4 and IOT gear). Plus a simple guest wifi portal. You can assign VLANs based on port quite easily.
  8. I want the double-tap to turn off that light (the light associated with the switch). Thanks.
  9. Hello, Is there an easy way to program all lightswitches to have the same behavior on a (upper) double-tap? I configured a few for my wife to just turn off but wondering if there is an easy way to do this for every lightswitch at once. Thanks,
  10. Hello, I just ran into a nasty "gotcha" on my Win7 system when I installed and started to run Composer HE 3.1.1 (.569711-res). This version apparently requires the use of the secure TLS 1.2 protocol which may not be enabled by default on a Windows7 System. The symptom was "Unable to connect to project" and the error "Could not connect to director at {IP Address}". Also, the logfile in \users\{user}\appdata\Roaming\Control4\Logs will have a stack trace that looks like this: 2020-02-02 13:07:58,691 [8 ] ERROR Control4.Client.SysManager - System.Security.Authentication.AuthenticationException: A call to SSPI failed, see inner exception. ---> System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: The function requested is not supported --- End of inner exception stack trace --- The solution was to enable TLS1.2. You can do this using regedit and add two values. There are lots of good web resources for this such as found at https://manage.accuwebhosting.com/knowledgebase/3008/How-do-I-enable-TLS-12-on-Windows-7.html I hope this information is of help to others.
  11. Hello, Is there a way to force the iOS (iPod) version of the OS3 App to use portrait mode? Thanks,
  12. +1. Just installed over the weekend - it's a big hit!
  13. What motion sensors work with the Security Light Driver?
  14. This assumes that each zone has its own Spotify Name, correct? What are the pros/cons of having multiple Spotify Connect's defined by Room (i.e.: "Living Spotify", "MBR Spotify") vs by User ("Dad's Spotify, Mom's Spotify?)
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