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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I did shut the power off to the lights from the circuit breaker out in the garage as that was the only way to turn them out. Would that have the effect of cutting power to them from the circuit board like you suggested? That didn't make any difference to the situation. I'm not that familiar with everything, it was all set up by the company the builders contracted during construction of the house. I am out of town for a couple days but when I get back home, I will try to figure out the switch model and OS that I have.
  2. A newby here with a problem on my Control4 switches for my kitchen lights. Yesterday, after switching the lights on using one of three switches (can't remember which one) the lights will no longer turn off and one of the wall switches beside the kitchen has a flashing red light at the top. The other kitchen wall switch has no light and no effect and the third switch in the multi-switch panel doesn't do anything either. I tried to shut them off using the software via my tv and it just shows the kitchen lights on at 100% It lets me try to turn them off, the bar going down to 0% but when I move to another set of lights, the kitchen light bar goes back to 100% Any feedback or comments will be greatly appreciated.
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