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  1. Just got a Neeo remote and generally speaking, it's pretty good but it doesn't seem like I can customize it the way I want. I have Composure Home Edition so let me know if I need my programmer to do the customizations I'm looking for. Specifically, here's what I'd like to do: Customize the "Remote Focused Buttons" to execute some sort of sequence. Right now in HE, I can name them but I can't assign any action to them like "Watch a Movie" turns on the AppleTV and opens up the VLC app. On my FiOS Cable TV screen, I'd love to move the Guide lower on the touchscreen and move the Page Up and Page Down to the top of the screen as I don't really use them that often On my FiOS Cable TV screen, I'd love to have a touch button to bring up my channel favorites For my FiOS Cable TV, I can't seem to add favorite channels to the touchscreen so I can bypass the Guide Thoughts?
  2. I'll take it. PM me if you still have this.
  3. I think my installer is an idiot. Do you provide remote programming? Would love to pay you directly to get this to work. Figured best to just go right to the source as I've been waiting so long for a driver like this to come out.
  4. Hi msgreef - had my C4 integrator install the Unifi Video driver and the snapshots work great but the live video doesn't work. Only shows static images. We are using the Low RTSP stream. I even did a video quality override and dropped the settings all the down. Both the snapshot and H.254 test worked fine in C4. See attachments. Any idea why the live video doesn't work?
  5. Ah, I see. So if I have this NVR, the driver will do both snapshots and live video right? https://www.amazon.com/Ubiquiti-Networks-Video-Recorder-Drive/dp/B075XJN37G/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=Ubiquiti+Networks+UniFi+UVC-NVR&qid=1584571524&sr=8-3
  6. Thanks! Sweet! I'll definitely go the Unifi Video NVR path so I can get both snapshot and video.
  7. Got it, thanks! But just confirming, there's no functional difference in either driver right? I have both the NVR and the cameras. So it doesn't matter which driver I use? Both have the same exact functionality? Thanks again for developing this! Been waiting sooo long for this!
  8. Thanks for developing this driver!!! Quick question. On the Blackwire site, I see two different drivers. One that connects the NVR to video viewing in C4 navigators and the other that connects Unifi cameras directly to video viewing in C4 navigators. Is there a benefit of one over the other?
  9. dcovach - I saw and replied to your other post about Security Spy for Mac. Considering all the issues with getting BI to work in C4, do you think SecuritySpy integration with C4 is the best route for what we're trying to do? Simply put, I want to get my Unifi Protect cameras into C4 to show the thumbnail view and then live video for the camera I select.
  10. I just installed Security Spy and like it a lot. Need to do more testing but first impressions are pretty good. I may be interested in getting your help to do a remote install. Before we do though, a few questions. Does still thumbnail view work in C4 when I want to see all my cameras at once? I assume the live video feeds show in T3 touch screens and TV Navigators, right? I assume the thumbnails and live video show up on the C4 mobile app for Apple iOS, right? Besides the controller bug, which you seem to have a fix for, are there any know limitations?
  11. Hi JEC - so did you get it to work after you edited the driver so that H264 goes over HTTP vs RTSP or do you still have the issue?
  12. I'm in BI Users tab and I don't see an anonymous account. Do I have to add this account? The only account I see in BI Users is 'local_console" and the "control4" account I created to get the driver to work.
  13. I was able to successfully load the live feed in VLC. It's the same URL that C4 is doing via the "Get H.264 URL". Is there a way to force C4 to use the MPEG stream and not the H264 stream? After reading your stream writeup, I'm still not able to get the live video to work on the the navigator and T3 devices.
  14. ILoveControl - thanks so much for your insights. I'll look into these further today. To your question, I get the thumbnails working just fine. When I click into the thumbnail, I get a static picture, not live video of the actual camera. I'm able to get the thumbnails to refresh. I have the "Snapshot Refresh Rate" set to 1 second; however, it looks like the thumbnail actually refreshes every 10 seconds despite the 1 second setting.
  15. I can't seem to find anywhere on the Blue Iris web interface the H264 URL stream details. It's not showing up at the bottom of the video feed as an overlay. It's nowhere in any of the menus - I've checked every one multiple times. Where can I find this? Here's what I do know: The Blue Iris web interface is defaulting to the 720p profile It's using the H264 codec Stream resolution is 1280x760 Frame rate is 30fpm I'm using the official drivers from C4. I have one camera using the "Blue Iris PTZ IP Camera" and another using the "Blue iris Static IP Camera DAD" as a test to see if it's driver issue. Neither is letting me see live video on C4 navigators. Here are some screenshots of what might be useful.
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