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  1. Well that’s concerning. Interested in finding out if you get this resolved.
  2. Hey all, looking into getting either the Qolsys IQ 2+ or the ClareOne. Both seem to have decent intg into c4 and have the sensors I care about: recessed door outside gate smoke detector freq sensor (I have good hardwired smoke detectors I just put in I don’t want to replace). any votes for either or? If there is a ClareOne dealer feel free to dm as my current dealer hasn’t recommended it so I have a feeling they either don’t like it or sell it. I’m leaning towards the qolsys cause of alarmrelay.com and their $20/month cellular plan but certainly open to other suggestions as well. the solution needs to be wife proof
  3. I believe alarm.com is the central monitoring service. 4sight is not a central alarm service.
  4. 2 x barely used White Fan Speed controllers (C4-4SF120-WH) $150 each.
  5. Yup that is what I do. No problems at all running all this IOT stuff in its own little playground. Let’s me define access rules and also just a little more piece of mind also.
  6. Looking for 2g receivers (Poe). depending on price could be convinced of going for 3g.
  7. By chance which specific denon are you talking about? I’m currently in this same boat of trying to plan out audio
  8. Hello, wondering if anyone has gotten cbs all access mini driver on the Sony tv’s? my dealer said it didn’t show up on the available list of programs.
  9. So I see triad has an 8zone amp that looks pretty cool. then It looks like I would need to also select a 8 zone matrix (again looks like triad offers one). I’m assuming however the triads are going to be pretty pricey. Anyway to use other brands and get the same result?
  10. Hey all, I want to venture into audio with c4. Specifically multi room audio and doing it right. (Running an ea3/3.1.2 for my main system). if this wasn’t control4 I would just buy a fancy new Yamaha or Sony receiver with Spotify built in, connect the speakers and be done. but wanted to see what you guys and gals normally do. it will be 5or 6 zones when I’m all said and done. However my one requirement is my wife has to be able to just open Spotify and select the room using Spotify connect (like my current Sonos is setup). 2 of the 6 zones will be in rooms with tv’s but I’m planning on running JAP for video content.
  11. I use Meraki a lot for work (IT consultant) and it is nice but you are certainly paying for the privilege of Meraki. and if you don't renew the subscription the equipment turns off (unlike your cisco stuff). your switches may have this ability (depending what model they are). Its called Cisco Configuration Professional Express.. https://www.pluralsight.com/blog/it-ops/cisco-configuration-professional-express
  12. Running Ubiquiti for my c4 stuff. seems to work fine. Nice Gui (I would recommend using one of the cloud hosted unifi controllers)..
  13. Just 1 for now to do automatic lights in our master closet (They are already a scene but just need something to trigger them on and then I'll do some countdown programming in a variable to turn it off automatically)
  14. So I found this nyce one: NCZ-3041C4 however it says can only be purchased through a dealer. I’m new to this c4 env so only have my local dealer atm. Do you guys use any online ones for cheaper prices? I was going to put in a dsc security system this summer and that would certainly be the cheapest option but my wife wants the motion sensor now and yes I do have full control4 lighting (centralized) and the keypads too. Are there sensors in the keypads?
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