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  1. yesterday it didn't ring at all in my IA app on my iphone. I get this technology stuff is hard but if they can't deliver the IA experience then something needs to change. its getting a bit ridiculous.
  2. I have 3 fan speed controllers and 2 fans via bond. However they all show up in lighting menu. Is there any way to move them to comfort menu?
  3. Tagging along on this thread for when you get a solution too
  4. is it supported to use HTTP params for inbound GET? IE ip:57329/GoodNight&secretkey=2348723948 then in the programming we can check to make sure the secret key is correct?
  5. Following this thread closely as an outdoor tv is in the cards here soon. Any of the remote dealers sell the Seura? It seems to be getting the best reviews. (Sound isn’t a concern as I’ll have speakers with sound coming from a matrix/JAP system. )
  6. Depends on the lighting system. If you have centralized lighting ( big steel looking panel in a closet or garage) becomes tougher. I would have one of the fine remote dealers spend an hour or two looking through your system and seeing what’s really going on. Maybe it’s just some simple things that need to be adjusted. a small investment but just ripping it all out will cost quite a bit.
  7. Awesome. Thank you. Yes switching to a couple of the mini led ones.
  8. I’m in az so we have to worry about the hot summers here is there a newer version of that switch? I don’t need dimming.
  9. Hey guys and gals, Im getting new pool lights put in soon. I really didn’t want to go down the whole pool automation road since they don’t seem to be that great. Since I just want the lights to be on/off via c4 has anyone used a native c4 switch to do this? (I’ll obviously put it in a waterproof case outside). Don’t really want to start down the kasa or wemo route now if I don’t have too. many suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  10. Thanks all. The steel series do look awesome but I have some Bose qc35 that still have a lot of life left in them. They transmitter was exactly what I was looking for.
  11. Does anyone have a recommendation for a 3.5mm to Bluetooth adapter I can use at night to listen to shows? Preferably one that plugs in so I don’t have to worry about battery. I looked on Amazon but it’s all cheap stuff that just doesn’t look very good
  12. It is getting a bit ridiculous. We all know the code is in there they just can’t get it right.
  13. Mine doesn’t work on an iPhone either.. to say my wife is pissed would be an understatement. (Doorbird intg) but that should matter. It does still ring the t3. Just not phones
  14. Same thing happens to me with doorbird. Driver version 18 I believe.
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