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  1. By your question… sounds like it’s not working. What isn’t working?
  2. Just to echo what others have said. I would do a quick session with @chopedogg88 (just pm him to find rates) to see what’s what hardware wise. And yeah 8k seems a bit steep but maybe they were going to replace other things also besides just the controllers?
  3. Most reliable second method? I can run an Ethernet cable quite easily to my ea3. It seems I’m effected also.
  4. Which specific nyce sensors did you end up going with? I have the same project on the docket next week actually after new gates get installed.
  5. We use triplite all the time. Supposedly the srt line from apc is pretty great also.
  6. I would imagine it’s either speakers for that room or does that room have its own amp? Maybe the zone for that room went bad on you
  7. You need your dealer to add a no source hdmi driver to your project, add a connection on the tv on whatever physical hdmi it’s plugged into. Easy peasy for any dealer or remote dealer here
  8. It sounds like you have 2 networks in your house. If luxol devices are on one network, and fios wifi is another it will never work locally. Would suggest one of the remote dealers to do a session with you or a local dealer to see what’s up and help with turning one or the other off.
  9. So there’s no chance in getting history then from a doorbird doorbell anytime soon?
  10. This seems like just the chowmain tcp driver unless I’m missing something. I have shortcuts and Siri setup to call a url and the. I setup that incoming programming on my c4 via the tcp driver.
  11. +1 for both of these. The driver and fan ui button work great for bond fans. I have fan speed controller fans and bond fans and they all look and function the same from a control standpoint inside c4. And their support is great also. (they loaded my fans fcc Id in their db in the space of one day when I needed it last time)
  12. Does it only work at night? thinking I’m going to have to get one with a flexible return policy to see how it will work. Since I’ll have it in shade, and the screen in shade I’m hoping it will be usable in daylight with a 5k lumen one.
  13. I have a neeo, sr260 and sr250. Probably like the 260 the best but the neeo is a bit easier to use. Honestly it’s all user preference and how much you use it in the dark (neeo doesn’t have backlights so I’m constantly pressing the wrong stuff when watching tv in the dark)
  14. With windows 11 and native support for android apps. This may be possible in the coming months FYI. https://www.engadget.com/microsoft-windows-11-android-apps-154014628.html
  15. Hey all, instead of a tv for my back patio I’m leaning towards a projector and screen setup. the projector will be covered under my patio so not too worried and well I would bring it in when not in use. 3 questions. 1. any ideas for a mount that easily lets me connect, disconnect the projector to bring it in when not in use? 2. best projector in the 5000 lumen range that is ip controlled? 3 screen that can raised and lowered either by ip or by when the projector turns on? Thanks in advance.
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