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  1. You will need the dealer to add it. It’s a free driver however so you just have to pay someone for a couple of mins to add it. I personally put mine on a dhcp reservation so the Ip doesn’t change. While they are in their I would have them associate the free door sensor driver to each door sensor of the alarm system so you can program events from them.
  2. Are you running it on a virtual machine or your laptop? Win 7, win 10? On my laptop that has great specs he takes a min or two to load.
  3. Are you on the same wireless network as your c4 director? can you take wireless out of the picture and plug your laptop directly into the switch or router that your director is plugged into?
  4. In case anyone else needs this. I went ahead and just edited the existing NBA driver with the new ROKU app id. I also renamed it from NBA Game Time to just NBA since that is what the NBA app is called. DB link for anyone who wants it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/doq87lvekat79dm/um_nba.c4z?dl=1
  5. Hello I have NBA app installed on my Roku and the nba gametime mini driver doesn't seem to be launching it. this is the LUA output when I print apps from my roku. --- NBA 73249 --- the binding is there from nba to roku.
  6. Can someone post the spec sheet for the new outdoor receptacle they released? and msrp if they got one.
  7. So you don’t have traditional 12v dc landscape lighting then? I do have some free spots on my panelized lighting but the only way I could think of using them was to run an outlet for each one to outside but then I would need to have that many transformers also (usually one per zone)
  8. Hey all, I’m redoing my yard in a few months. I don’t have any watering or lighting controls so starting fresh. what offers the best intg for lighting? Thinking I’ll need 3-4 zones. for watering I’ll probably just go with a Rachio (had one at my last house) and it pretty much just ran itself. Unless there is one that is better with c4. thanks as always for the replies
  9. I recommend this also. Communicates over wifi and is working like a treat in c4
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. Ordered 2 of those outlets from my dealer. $85 each. Only one controller outlet but having it native zigbee pro will make it worth it
  11. Well that’s pretty cool. Any idea on cost and availability for those?
  12. Have a question for you all. If I were to purchase something like this is there a driver available? https://ezzigbee.com/enbrighten-zigbee-in-wall-tamper-resistant-smart-outlet-white I have a kasa/tp-link WiFi one atm but I would prefer to not have the cloud involved and just do native c4. Or does c4 offer a in wall outlet solution?
  13. Want to buy a Wireless Contact Sensor by Axxess (CS-C4ZB-11). Understand that they can be used for outdoor gates which is my use case. please PM me (used or new is fine as long as used still works). Chris
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