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  1. If I purchased a used controller with licences, would I just plug it into my existing network at home? Or would it then need 'programming in'?
  2. I see. So it seems what he has done is create me a new account (which he gave me the details to) and registered the controller on this new account, leaving the licences on his original account? Whereas instead, the existing account should of kind of....come with the house? And therefore I would of had the licences? I guess the problem there is that he is a c4 pro and his account is probably linked to his work.
  3. Hi. I moved into a house recently, and it has control4 - ace! The guy who used to live there is a control4 pro, but is crazy busy so I thought I'd ask here. He created me a control4 account and if I log in, I can see my controller is checked in. It's an HC800, last checked in yesterday. However, I have no licences and as such I can't connect a phone or tablet app to control the system. I know the previous owner used to be able to do this, so any idea where the licences are? I know this may have been asked before but I've read conflicting information and I'm left a bit confused. Many thanks for any replies.
  4. Hi. I moved into a house with Control4 and I'm now at the point where I would like to start using it more. I wonder if I could get some advice about how I could achieve the following. 1) I would like to connect my smart phone / tablets to the system when at home on the same wifi. When I try to do this I am told that a licence is required. Which licence would this be - 4sight? 2) I would like to start updating settings such as times lights automatically turn on and off. I understand that there are 2 options, either use Home Composer or When>Then. If I go home composer, do I need a licence and where can I obtain the software? 3) When>Then (which comes as part of the 4sight subscription?) - I'd like to have a look into this, but my customer portal says I need to upgrade to OS3 (currently 2.9.1) before it will work. Is the upgrade an easy job (for the engineer) and is it something he could do from home? What would the normal cost be? Many thanks for any replies.
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