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  1. I just setup a new voice scene called "Master Radio" that turns off the radio in the master bathroom using When/Then. The action runs fine when I test but I can't get Alexa to work. I get the following error from Alexa when I say "Alexa, turn off master radio" "Sorry I didn't find a device named master radio" Image attached from my Control4 screen
  2. I'm new to Composer HE so hope I'm responding correctly. myLink is v5.20 The myLink driver in control 4 indicates 2.1.0 when i look at the driver version number I'm running OS3.0 on C4 but the problem started before I upgrade my system to the latest version
  3. Checking if you identified the problem. I’m having the exact same problem
  4. Thanks Sonic Sounds like Control4 automation is not cord cutter friendly. Which transitional provider integrates the best? DirecTV, Uverse or others?
  5. Is it possible to program Control4 to launch a specific TV channel from a streaming TV service? i.e. Program AppleTV to start and launch ESPN from PlayStation Vue I'm currently using PlayStation Vue but would switch to any service. I've read a few posts regarding this functionality working with Roku but my system currently has four 4K AppleTV.s. I'm trying to avoid switching hardware is possible. Appreciate any help...thanks
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