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  1. I have really enjoyed my DSC alarm system and how it seamlessly integrates with Control4. I have a DSC Power Series Control Panel 1616 with a DSC IT-100 adapter that connects it from the panel to the C4 system. There are great driver choices ranging from the free one (which I use) to paid ones which have great reviews as well. My system integrates the alarm panels, door, window, and motion sensors as well as a couple of DSC hardwired smoke detectors.
  2. Ha! I was trying to remember as well. I think we ran through a number of tests (deleting, reinstalling, creating new schedules) but I think*...it was when we power cycled the unit it magically cleared everything up. It was really odd and frustrating when it stopped as it was my dawn and dusk events for outdoor lights like the OP but it has been running ever since...knock on wood.. I am still using the text notification event that was created to let me know when the Dusk scene comes on.
  3. Had the exact same thing happen to me last year when I was on 2.10.6 (EA5) but it seemed like the reboot is what finally fixed it. @msgreenf has always been great and might be able to help.
  4. I believe Amazon Family (as well as Tidal Family) allows for 6 members total (including the primary) to have unique accounts.
  5. I just made the full switch yesterday from Amazon HD Family back to Tidal HiFi Family but bought it through Best Buy for a year for $179 so it was actually slightly cheaper than Amazon. It wasn't that Amazon was bad but Tidal just seems to have a slightly tighter integration with C4 and that is how I am primarily listening to it. One issue was that my son has a standalone Sonos Play 1 in his room and for some reason the Amazon Family plan would not allow him add his account to the Sonos app so I kept hearing from him (the issue was fixed once we switched back). I also still have a Qobuz sub
  6. I could be wrong about this so hopefully one of the dealers who has more experience can weight in to confirm. I saw on your other post you are currently using the Honeywell T6 Pro designed for Multistage Heat & Cool equipment. I would confirm the C4 thermostat is actually compatible with multistage HVAC equipment. I thought I recall from older posts that is a limitation with the C4 thermostat but again I could be wrong.
  7. ok, thanks. Unfortunately it looks like that one requires the Honeywell Home app which is not compatible with the Cingration C4 driver since it needs to use the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort platform. It is clean looking thermostat though..
  8. Which particular Honeywell Thermostat? I have the Honeywell Redlink compatible version with the Cinegration driver installed and it works great in OS3.
  9. I saw their press release on that new product earlier this month and it looks very impressive. It seems like their version of a Just Add Power solution but with more advanced display passthrough capabilities like Dolby Vision and HDR10+.
  10. As mention by @mujtaba.khokhar above did you get a chance to look at Intrinsic's C4 Apple IP Driver? https://www.intrinsicdev.com/downloads/apple-tv-driver-control4/
  11. Ok good! One problem down right? ha! I agree on the duplicates as now that I am paying attention I have seen a couple of others. Hopefully that can be fixed in a future update.
  12. @zaphod That is strange. I think you said you are trying out Tidal so did you have a chance to make sure in Composer under the Tidal properties you set the Enable MQA to "On" as well as set limit quality to "no limit"?
  13. @zaphod I recreated your search using C4 IOS with the most recent update from this week as well as right before and I got something close to yours but slightly different. My IOS search displays the "M" for Masters. It looks like one version is a non-master and then another is the master which is almost what I would have expected for all but not the case. I don't know if I have seen this type of duplication with other searches but I will keep an eye out. I felt like with OS2 you could rotate the orientation of your phone to see more text displayed but OS3 seems to be locked which would help
  14. Another +1 for Tidal (Hifi). Switched back after I finally upgraded to OS3 so I love the integration and detailed metadata. I have seen this mentioned before from others but if you are not aware you can buy a subscription through Best Buy (as least in the US) for up to 50% off certain yearly plans which is really unbelievable. Supposedly you have to be a new customer but I have read on another forum if you let your plan expire you can then immediately sign up through Best Buy and then still keep all your playlists. I am about to try it next week when my monthly renewal comes up. https://www.
  15. @jedigolf You will be in good hands with Mitch! (msgreenf)
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