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  1. Mine is working and I just upgraded yesterday.
  2. Ahh...do you need all of those components in order for the EQ feature to work? I have an EA controller but my audio matrix is the AMS16V3 and my amp is a third party.
  3. Following this question. I just updated as well and did the steps above along with a Navigator refresh but I don't see the EQ.
  4. @DLite I have a Chime POE without an NVR (looking to eventually add cameras with an NVR). Currently I can view live real time video using Intercom Anywhere or Camera view from my T4, C4 App and most of my EA controllers using the Camera button. I say most of my EAs as for some reason my EA5 only wants to pull a static image while the EA1s will pull a live feed but sometimes I do have to select cameras and back out to select again to get a live feed. The C4 Intercom Anywhere is the app you need to use for live dialog if you want to talk to somebody while they are at the door. Using Composer you can setup push notifications with still shots when motion is activated on the Chime. Using the History button in the C4 app or elsewhere you can pull motion activated events and watch short replays. I believe those are stored on the C4 cloud for about 2 weeks so you can go back and view things in the past without the use of an NVR. I think the biggest drawback at the moment when not using the NVR is the storage limit (2 weeks vs how ever many TB of storage your NRV has) as well as not being able to pull full live video from any point in the past unless I am just not aware how to do it. Meaning I can only pull 6 second videos of when motion was activated as opposed to watching hours of full replay from the past. Hope that helps.
  5. I had similar issues with the motion until I played around with the settings with an emphasis on the setting of the item size. I had the settings reversed and set for too large but fixed it by setting it smaller. Now I probably get about 90%+ of the motion I am looking for. However, I just tried my doorbell and now it is not ringing my iPhone again..
  6. @dinomI remember reading your earlier post about that and was prepared to not have OSD but was surprised when it worked on mine. That said, I am on OS 3.2.2 so not sure if there was a fix from the previous version. As I mentioned earlier I get streaming video but only on my EA-1s. My EA5 only gives me a recent still shot for some reason so I would like to figure that one out. Hopefully if you are on the latest OS version that is the fix for you.
  7. Yes, my EA-1's display the Chime video if I select camera under my watch list. Interestingly, the EA-1's show it as a live streaming video but my EA-5 only shows it as a static snapshot. I am not sure why that is and would love to know if I am missing a setting or need to change something in Composer. I don't yet have it programmed to automatically pop up on the screen for any of the controllers so I would also love to learn more as to how to accomplish that in Composer as well if somebody can share.
  8. Following this thread. I have experienced the same with it not always calling my phone when the button is pressed. Sometimes it seems to correct itself and others I have need to do a controller reboot.
  9. To my understanding when OS 3.0 was release is when it was just abandoned and not really broken. Here are a couple of other threads but one shows somebody supposedly has a workaround of sorts.
  10. Not sure what Control4 OS version you are currently on but the update to OS3 killed the ability to use the Apple Watch in anyway. I don't know if voice commands were ever available through the Apple watch at that time but I could be mistaken.
  11. @Dueportwere you able to figure out what was not working? I recently had my Chime installed and it seems to be running smoothly with the push notifications.
  12. Have you downloaded the separate Control4 Intercom Anywhere app?
  13. I have really enjoyed my DSC alarm system and how it seamlessly integrates with Control4. I have a DSC Power Series Control Panel 1616 with a DSC IT-100 adapter that connects it from the panel to the C4 system. There are great driver choices ranging from the free one (which I use) to paid ones which have great reviews as well. My system integrates the alarm panels, door, window, and motion sensors as well as a couple of DSC hardwired smoke detectors.
  14. Ha! I was trying to remember as well. I think we ran through a number of tests (deleting, reinstalling, creating new schedules) but I think*...it was when we power cycled the unit it magically cleared everything up. It was really odd and frustrating when it stopped as it was my dawn and dusk events for outdoor lights like the OP but it has been running ever since...knock on wood.. I am still using the text notification event that was created to let me know when the Dusk scene comes on.
  15. Had the exact same thing happen to me last year when I was on 2.10.6 (EA5) but it seemed like the reboot is what finally fixed it. @msgreenf has always been great and might be able to help.
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