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  1. @eggzlot on the Somfy side do you use their Mylink or one of their other devices (URTSI etc)? I use the Mylink along with the free Somfy C4 driver and it is just "ok" for reasons you have pointed out. The biggest issue I seem to always run into with the MyLink is poor wifi signal strength. I have moved it into multiple places and even directly under a nearby WAP and still had the same results "poor". When it works it does what I want it to do which is just basically open & close but most of the time I find myself using the actual Somfy remote.
  2. Never mind I found the IE documentation on line and it speaks to how to remove it using a paperclip in hole on the bottom.
  3. Thanks @livitup. I think I have seen my dealer remove the IE from the wall before but do you just pull it off from the wall? No special tool is required?
  4. I currently have a couple of 7" IE touchscreens in my house and those are the last pieces I have been intentionally holding off to replace that would allow me to upgrade to OS3. They were installed as new construction using POE when we built our house. My question is if I want to upgrade from my current 7" IE to the larger 10" T3 size can they just be easily swapped out (I do recognize a dealer would need to re-program)? The current touchscreens sit on the wall and I have seen the wall box behind it before but I am just hoping that can be easily used again and I wouldn't need to do anything with the sheet rock. Basically hoping for a near plug-n-play install.
  5. Thanks @Matt Lowe I will have my dealer check it out.
  6. This is strange but I just noticed the cover art does appear normally on my older IE touchscreens...So I can see it on IE touchscreens and the C4 app but just not on my EA series controller GUI. Anyone have an idea as to why that might be?
  7. Do any users of Qobuz have the issue of where all the album and music cover art is missing when you are viewing through your Control4 GUI? When I am viewing/listening to Qobuz through my EA5 or EA1 there isn't any cover art information on the GUI as everything just shows a generic looking icon. That said, if I view it through my Control4 app I can see all the cover art as normally expect. I use multiple streaming services but Qobuz is the only one impacted this way. I don't recall when this change happened as at one time I could see it on the GUI but now I cannot. I am on OS 2.10.6 and the Qobuz driver is version 18 if that helps but I was curious if others are experiencing the same thing? Thanks!
  8. MyQ integration into Control4 is not a viable option anymore unfortunately (see previous forum discussion below) It great on its own but you run into issues if you are wanting to try and tie it to Control4.
  9. I take it you are an end user and not a dealer? Assuming that is the case you will need a dealer (either physical or remote) to do the initial setup and bindings as you cannot do that on you own. Besides physically setting up the equipment the only other "DIY" you can do is through a software program called Composer Home Edition but your dealer has to do all the initial work and then you can make tweaks after you purchase the software. I realize that doesn't answer your initial question but just want to make sure you are aware of the a dealer requirement.
  10. I think you are right about that being the only option with Sonos. Either a Sonos Amp, Sonos Connect (newer version called Port) or a Play5 through the line in.
  11. +1 on Smith Thompson. They are fantastic and their price has remained the same.
  12. Did not know that either! Learn something new everyday..
  13. Good question as I am a home user like you. To my understanding you are only granting access through the Control4 User Portal (see link below). This should only allow them access to the HC250 and not anything else on your network (to my understanding). Control4 takes this very seriously and to become a dealer they must go through quite a bit of training and I think have contracts and privileges that could be revoked if this were abused not to mention their reputation on this forum. As for the portal link below this may be a "chicken or the egg" situation now that I am thinking about it. I will probably need a dealer to chime in on this to validate but I don't know how you can designate a dealer without first having an account setup. Maybe you use the existing license?? Again, I am getting outside of my understanding on what needs to come first. https://customer.control4.com/
  14. Correct but there are lots of great dealers on this site that can help you remotely. There is even a section of this site to help with that (see below). If you only have an HC250 that should be fairly easy. https://www.c4forums.com/forum/26-looking-for-an-integrator/
  15. I know you can do this on the older Infinity Edge touchsreens so I would think the T3 models can do this as well (see pic below). The real first step is to make sure your dealer has created individual bindings in Composer for all your doors, windows and motion sensors.
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