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  1. MyQ integration into Control4 is not a viable option anymore unfortunately (see previous forum discussion below) It great on its own but you run into issues if you are wanting to try and tie it to Control4.
  2. I take it you are an end user and not a dealer? Assuming that is the case you will need a dealer (either physical or remote) to do the initial setup and bindings as you cannot do that on you own. Besides physically setting up the equipment the only other "DIY" you can do is through a software program called Composer Home Edition but your dealer has to do all the initial work and then you can make tweaks after you purchase the software. I realize that doesn't answer your initial question but just want to make sure you are aware of the a dealer requirement.
  3. I think you are right about that being the only option with Sonos. Either a Sonos Amp, Sonos Connect (newer version called Port) or a Play5 through the line in.
  4. +1 on Smith Thompson. They are fantastic and their price has remained the same.
  5. Did not know that either! Learn something new everyday..
  6. Good question as I am a home user like you. To my understanding you are only granting access through the Control4 User Portal (see link below). This should only allow them access to the HC250 and not anything else on your network (to my understanding). Control4 takes this very seriously and to become a dealer they must go through quite a bit of training and I think have contracts and privileges that could be revoked if this were abused not to mention their reputation on this forum. As for the portal link below this may be a "chicken or the egg" situation now that I am thinking about it. I will probably need a dealer to chime in on this to validate but I don't know how you can designate a dealer without first having an account setup. Maybe you use the existing license?? Again, I am getting outside of my understanding on what needs to come first. https://customer.control4.com/
  7. Correct but there are lots of great dealers on this site that can help you remotely. There is even a section of this site to help with that (see below). If you only have an HC250 that should be fairly easy. https://www.c4forums.com/forum/26-looking-for-an-integrator/
  8. I know you can do this on the older Infinity Edge touchsreens so I would think the T3 models can do this as well (see pic below). The real first step is to make sure your dealer has created individual bindings in Composer for all your doors, windows and motion sensors.
  9. Agree with all that is said above. There are many great dealers on this forum who are incredibly knowledgeable and extremely efficient with their time. I believe with most you don't have a minimum service call fee (like you would with a physical local dealer who rolls up in a truck) and just bill on the quarter hour. I have found this remote dealer relationship to be fantastic if you are even slightly technically inclined and willing to do some work on your end (physical installs or using Composer HE). All that said, there are great local dealers as well but it nice to know you have some choices with Control4 which I believe is not the case with some of the competition. I finally bought Composer last year but hands down wish I would have purchased it from the beginning as you can do so much yourself and save money. If you are not aware the 1st time you buy Composer (from a dealer) the cost is roughly $150 but that includes your a year of 4Sight so you are basically getting the software for $50 which will pay for itself the 1st time you use it. If your HC250 is on the latest 2.10.6 and you have the "Add Music" feature/driver installed you can add any of the Control4 supported native music services anytime you want. There are a good number of them available with most of the major ones are supported in some form. I ditched my Sonos connect boxes a couple of years back and just use Control4 equipment for streaming and it is great.
  10. I am really surprised as I don't know how the HC800 is able to play anything beyond 16/44.1. I thought that was the limit of the built in DAC? I found an older thread that was talking about this very subject.
  11. PorterTX


    I am still trying to work through in my mind the setup and how Roon flows through the system. I have an Oppo 203 which I believe is considered a Roon endpoint correct? If that is the case and if I had a Roon Nucleus would I select the Oppo as my source (which is connected to my Control4 Audio Matrix) and then I would play my streaming service or stored music to any room through the Oppo like I would a normal CD?
  12. My pleasure and your're welcome. That is my understanding as well when it comes to ATV that you cannot launch mini apps in C4 as of yet. I have a Roku player connected to my Patio TV and that is a big difference that I wish was supported for the ATV's in my house.
  13. One last tip that comes to mind is to turn the Sleep to "never". This of course will just help with the responsiveness of the ATV when you go to use it each time.
  14. Lastly on Audio it depends on what the ATV is connected to. If the ATV is dedicated to an AV Processor or Receiver then select what I think is called "Best Quality Audio" as you would get Dolby Atmos if available. If you use the ATV as part of a distributed audio source and use an HDMI extractor this can cause issues as most can't downmix Atmos to 2 channel I believe. In that case you may need to set it to Dolby Digital 5.1. Not everything is recorded in Atmos so it may not impacted that much but I do run into this from time to time and need to quickly change the settings but it is pretty easy.
  15. Another PQ tip is under the Video & Audio settings and here is a pic of my settings. Even though my TV supports Dolby Vision you don't want to "enable" it on ATV and just have the format set to 4K SDR (I am assuming your TV is 4K HDR compatible) but with Range and Frame Rate turned on. Again, this will prevent ATV from forcing everything to be viewed in Dolby Vision or even HDR even though the original content was not mastered that way. It seems somewhat counter-intuitive on the settings but that seems to be the best general consensus from the PQ "experts"..
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