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  1. @Dueportthanks for asking this question as I have wondered about this same thing for some time but have been too lazy to ask. @lippavisualI am trying to get a better understanding of what you said about all the actions need to be bound to a driver's connections. Is that a specific request I need to make from my dealer? Meaning I have Composer HE and six button keypads that are setup and working for lights & audio. I didn't know if that capability is already there and I just need to create it in Programing or have additional dealer help? Speaking of where is "follow last button" lo
  2. I did not realize that but just checked it out on Best Buy's website (paid annually). That is pretty cool and thanks for sharing.
  3. @Topspin14mwas that question for me or the original poster?
  4. To add to @tekki70comments I would look for HDMI cables that are 4K HDR with 18Gbps capable especially if your TV and any other related equipment (av receiver, baluns etc) support HDR. Those are easily found on Amazon and other sites but as he stated ALL cables in the chain as well as equipment must be compatible. If your TV and other equipment supports HDR, a tip for the Apple TV is to make the following changes in the video/audio settings in the ATV menu: Set resolution to 4K SDR (even if your TV supports HDR) as this will not force non-HDR content to display in HDR and look was
  5. It is well worth it to have all the sensors added (door, window, motion etc). Mitch recently helped me those other sensors as well as my smoke detectors (hard wired DSC versions) and now I have a much better line of sight as to what is going on in the house in a easier to read format (C4 app under locks and sensors).
  6. Even in a power standby mode mine has a small power symbol (circle with a small line through the top) in a blue LED light located on the lower right hand side of the face plate. When I am actively using it other symbols light up next to it as well. What Control4 controller are you using? I couldn't tell from your post but it would not just work on its own without having a dealer configure it to your system.
  7. I am assuming you have already tried power cycling the apple TV. First guess is that your router may have changed the IP address if it was not static.
  8. Hopefully I am asking this correctly but can you bind the smoke detector to C4 and thus program if they are connected through a PGM output? I have 2 hardwired DSC smoke detectors that are connected to the PC1616 panel through the PGM output (to my understanding). I would like to be able to create a text notification if they were to go off for when we are away.
  9. I use the native C4 SiriusXM service for whole home and it works great (I think minimum requirement is OS 2.10). I finally get more use out of now thanks to adding it to the system.
  10. Here is a previous thread that also has some good information on this topic as well. I believe one of the big hurdles when it comes to the dimmers is knowing if you are using either Forward Phase or Reverse Phase as the Essential line only supports Forward phase dimming. I was also looking at this line to expand some dimming capability but all my dimming load uses Reverse phase so I have to stay with the normal line of C4 products which has the Adaptive phase dimmer.
  11. @eggzlot on the Somfy side do you use their Mylink or one of their other devices (URTSI etc)? I use the Mylink along with the free Somfy C4 driver and it is just "ok" for reasons you have pointed out. The biggest issue I seem to always run into with the MyLink is poor wifi signal strength. I have moved it into multiple places and even directly under a nearby WAP and still had the same results "poor". When it works it does what I want it to do which is just basically open & close but most of the time I find myself using the actual Somfy remote.
  12. Never mind I found the IE documentation on line and it speaks to how to remove it using a paperclip in hole on the bottom.
  13. Thanks @livitup. I think I have seen my dealer remove the IE from the wall before but do you just pull it off from the wall? No special tool is required?
  14. I currently have a couple of 7" IE touchscreens in my house and those are the last pieces I have been intentionally holding off to replace that would allow me to upgrade to OS3. They were installed as new construction using POE when we built our house. My question is if I want to upgrade from my current 7" IE to the larger 10" T3 size can they just be easily swapped out (I do recognize a dealer would need to re-program)? The current touchscreens sit on the wall and I have seen the wall box behind it before but I am just hoping that can be easily used again and I wouldn't need to do anything
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