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  1. +1 for Amazon (Music HD) for the content, quality and price. For the time being I am also still using (and enjoying) Tidal, Qobuz, and Pandora to name a few. With the Add Music driver/feature Control4 has made it easy to try out various native services that could meet your needs so you can't go wrong.
  2. Thanks Ryan. I will add that Control4 was kind enough to take the request and pass it along to potentially add some type of additional track information to the Amazon driver. This could look exactly how Qobuz does today if using 2.10 in that you can at least see which tracks are offered in Hi-Rez (it is limited information but something for now). We will see if that comes to pass as clearly 3.X is the best route and the pathway to the future.
  3. For the HC800 I believe it is 16 bit 44khz but others please correct me if I am wrong. I did have Control4 reach back out to me after an email and they confirmed that the EA series controller is receiving and processing Amazon's Hi-Rez files even though you cannot see the resolution. This is of course assuming you are using 2.10 as opposed to 3.X which would identify the resolution.
  4. I wanted to share a quick update on my experience using Amazon HD music. After having my dealer update the Amazon driver as well as the other native music drivers (and setting it up to auto update for the future updates - thanks again @msgreenf) I am pretty happy with the results. The only drawback is that it still appears that if you are using OS 2.10 you cannot see any type of HD or UHD "Hi-Rez display or distinction" but my Marantz receiver confirms a 96khz incoming signal from the EA5. Qobuz on OS 2.10 does allow you to visually see to pick and choose the Hi-Rez track. That said, I can only see them using my EA5 or Control4 app. My older IE touchscreens will not show you which tracks are Hi-Rez. As far as sound quality, I was going back and forth from Amazon HD to Qobuz for some A/B comparisons using the same track and I now cannot tell a difference. Before subscribing to the upgraded Amazon HD platform I was actually using Amazon to show off the poor sound quality difference between their MP3 format and Qobuz HiRez. At that time it was really like a night and day difference or at least between the tracks I was comparing. In my opinion, for the sound quality, music selection and price I think Amazon HD is now a real player in the streaming market and could be tough to beat.
  5. Thanks msgreenf I will reach out to my dealer to check it out.
  6. First time post but long time observer. First, thanks msgreenf for posting as I this has been on my radar. I subscribe to Tidal Lossless and I am in the process of trying Qobuz. I am running the latest version of 2.10 (want to upgrade to 3.1 but still have an HC250 & a couple of IE touchscreens for now) and had Amazon Music (Prime) installed about a month ago along with Qobuz. This morning I logged out of Amazon Music through C4 and then logged back in and now at least recognizes the new subscription to Unlimited but there doesn't seem to be anything indicating "HD" track selection. I saw that cdepaola had success with seeing the High Res logos appearing but I am wondering if that is only for 3.0 and higher? That said, when using Qobuz through C4 I can see the Hi-Rez logos to differentiate the tracks but as of now that is missing for Amazon Music HD. Has anyone else experienced if using 2.10 or any suggestions? Additionally, I discovered that for the actual Amazon app itself (ios) I had to delete and reinstall after I updated my subscription in order to get it to display "HD" tracks. Before it similar to what I am seeing through C4 now in that it recognized Unlimited but there were no differentiating Hi-Rez logos. After reinstalling you can easily see "Ultra HD or HD" logos on their app.
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