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  1. I am trying to get away from unifi, while it can be great it has to many silly "beta" issues e.g a comma in my vpn password triggers a payload error.
  2. Left over from my recent install 2x EA1 V2, brand new £300 each 1x white 7' T3 Touchscreen, used but in excellent condition £300 1x Z2i0, brand new £100 All running 2.10.4 but I am led to believe they can be put on any software Happy to do a PX deal on pakedge network gear or control4 audio amps ( triad)
  3. Looking to replace my problematic Unifi network environment. nothing to crazy and quite a small a simplistic network. My equipment list would be: Rk1 Router SX24 Switch SX24P switch 3x WK2 AP Pakedge PDU Does anybody have any feedback on the above, a few companies that I have reached out to have recommenced Cisco or Ruckus but I Simply Dont have the budget for those systems. Any Feedback would be great.
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