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  1. Send me a PM, I could deliver to NH without to much issue.
  2. Yes they are. Where are you located?
  3. Looking to clear out some C4 gear, I am based in north London and am happy to personally deliver ( with social distancing in place ) or can post if paid by paypal 1x C4 black Neeo Remote, around 4 months old, as much as I love it I fear the kids are going to destroy it and it doesn’t seem as tough as a SR260. Has 1 small mark on the edge. £375 inc postage/delivery 4x control4 EA-1 controllers, purchased for zigbee AP but decided to go for C4 lighting so have a very strong mesh without. New in boxes £250 each inc postage/delivery 1x C4 16 way matrix ( C4-16ZAMSv3-B-1325) in excellent working condition, 3 years old. My 8 zone amp failed and I got a good deal on a matching Traid pair. £270 including postage/delivery
  4. Control4® Audio Matrix Switch C4-16ZAMSV3-B matrix is like new and in full working order UK based £350
  5. Look at the makemkv forums, it has all the guides you need the oppo does require a expensive jailbroken firmware from bd-mod.com however my oppo was collecting dust and now it’s my most used device. Hopefully we can integrate with C4
  6. Hi guys looking for some advise on a possible driver. i have a oppo 203 uhd bd player that has custom jail broken software on it, I use this to play my iso files of backed up uhd discs in order to keep Dolby vision. the player is great in terms of video quality and doesn’t suffer from any of the frame rate issues that plague the android media players, however it sucks from a UI point of view as it uses purely file structure. i can scan my movies in to Control4 native media indexer but I am unsure how to tell this proxy how to use the oppo as the source player. any tips tricks or driver recommendations would be great.
  7. Left over from my recent install 2x EA1 V2, brand new £300 each 1x white 7' T3 tabletop Touchscreen, used but in excellent condition £300 1x black 10" Wall Touchscreen £450 1x Z2i0, brand new £100 HMXL44-KIT-V2 4x4 4k HDBT matrix switch (inc 3 baluns) £500 Wyrestorm MX-0606-H2 4k HDMI matrix £500 All running 2.10.4 but I am led to believe they can be put on any software located just outside London, in a ideal world I would like to deal in person ( I can travel or you can) but postage is possible.
  8. I am trying to get away from unifi, while it can be great it has to many silly "beta" issues e.g a comma in my vpn password triggers a payload error.
  9. Left over from my recent install 2x EA1 V2, brand new £300 each 1x white 7' T3 Touchscreen, used but in excellent condition £300 1x Z2i0, brand new £100 All running 2.10.4 but I am led to believe they can be put on any software Happy to do a PX deal on pakedge network gear or control4 audio amps ( triad)
  10. Looking to replace my problematic Unifi network environment. nothing to crazy and quite a small a simplistic network. My equipment list would be: Rk1 Router SX24 Switch SX24P switch 3x WK2 AP Pakedge PDU Does anybody have any feedback on the above, a few companies that I have reached out to have recommenced Cisco or Ruckus but I Simply Dont have the budget for those systems. Any Feedback would be great.
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