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  1. reinstalling the adobe air previous version worked. I believe it may be caused by adobe updating
  2. It was originally, but now that I looked at the error, it is an adobe air message box. Do we think re installing adobe air may fix the issue?
  3. Hey everyone, I am having an issue with Control 4 where the application will not open. It gives an error "Application descriptor cannot be found for this application. Try-reinstalling or contacting the publisher for assistance." I have ran as Admin and attempted rebooting. Im sure that these were not going to change anything but tried anyway. Any suggestions are helpful.
  4. So this is not something that I can program myself? I work for an IT support company and this is for one of our clients. unfortunately we inherited equipment from their old company so we do not have service contracts with a dealer.
  5. The main source input on the Control4 Amplifier went bad, I have since moved it to the second source input on the Amplifier. How can I configure the system to default to the new source input 2?
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