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  1. I currently have multiple Nest Tstats and protects that have integrations with Nuheat and GE appliances. I spoke with a Nest chat “bot” the other day and asked what would happen if I migrated to google. They said I would loose those integrations currently. But they did actually advise on holding off from migrating as google has apparently said those integrations should be added soon, or if not, by later this year. ... probably not helpful, but an update at least.
  2. I’m assuming the chow main driver works fine on OS3.1. But can anyone confirm.
  3. Looking for some clarification on the different ways to use the voice assistant features/scenes on the customer portal. What is the voice scene option linked to in the when/then section (choose your automation type)?? I have added the Google assistant into the voice control section and all my lighting scenes, lighting controls, blinds, locks, etc are in there ..... and work great I might add. But scene creation is limited to what is already created in lighting scenes. I would like to create more complex scenes like ..say.. "Hey google, turn on 'Sports'. Which would turn on receiver, cable and set channel. But when I create this scene in when/then under Voice Scenes it does not seem to trigger a response. (this automation is currently running on a keypad button).
  4. Can anyone confirm if there will be an Apple Watch app for OS3? Once I updated my C4 system to OS3 I realized that the existing Apple Watch app stopped working as it was only for OS2. A little disappointed, as I did actually use it quite a bit. It was supper handy for music and volume controls while roaming around the house as well as late night lock checks and lighting.
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