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  1. I let it run its course, while out to lunch and it is still not showing up on the network. I rebooted it, again, and it shows up in SDDP, just long enough to re-ID it in Connections. But still says "False" under Connected to Network Tab. Very Strange Indeed.
  2. I stepped out for lunch, so if it is updating, it should have plenty of time. Thanks
  3. Just Installed a RMA'd C4 LU1082D HDMI Matrix into a project and I can Add it with SDDP, but I am Unable to See it on the Network, Unable to Control it and the Connected to Network Tab under Properties in the Driver always says False. Of Course C4 Tech is Off Today because of the Holiday. I have Factory Restored the Matrix and it Did Show up on the Network long enough for me to reserve the IP Address, but after a few minutes it is No Longer Visible on the Network and Still Cannot Control in C4. Has Anyone had this Issue Before or anything similar with C4 Leaf Matrix's ? Any help is Greatly Appreciated.
  4. Tried to Add a TL-280 Driver in OS 3.1, from the Search Tab in Composer, for a DSC Neo HS2032 Panel and Kept getting a Corrupted File Message. Is there a Different Driver or Module Needed in OS3 for a DSC Neo HS2032 Panel. Any Help is Greatly Appreciated, Thanks
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