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  1. Correct. Three separate houses, three separate families. No interconnections between the houses.
  2. So I have kind of a weird problem/question and just wondering if anyone has any good ideas for a workaround. I am dealing with a private road that has three houses blocked by a gate. The gate has a Doorbird doorstation that is managed by a different owner. I integrated the gate with a Z2IO for open/close/status. They want to be able to *at least* receive a call when their address number is pressed but would love for it to use the actual Doorbird driver. Any good ideas to get around it being on the neighbors network? If not is it possible then is it possible for Control4 to receive a call from the doorstation? Thanks!
  3. Could a remote dealer sell me a license for this driver? Have a DS2 that I would like to get push notifications with from a motion sensor.
  4. Well that certainly helped. We are actually looking at the Alta Window Shadings http://www.htbarnes.com/uploads/6/3/1/3/63138507/alta-window-shadings-2-4-19_rev_7-15.pdf Looks like a few different options for motors.
  5. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Alta Window Fashions and their motorized shades? I am hoping to get a Control4 system sometime this year and had the house pre-wired for AV/Touchpads/etc. and would really like to do motorized blinds. We received a few quotes from different manufactures (Hunter Douglas, Lutron, etc) and Alta has the shades we like at a price we can stomach. They have a system called RemoteLift 2.0 and has an app available. I am not sure what they are using as far as wireless technology but called in and should be receiving a call in the next day or two to find out. I was just curious if anyone knows whether or not I can integrate with C4. Thanks!!
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