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  1. Hello Everyone, thank you for all of the input. crshepard7 hit the nail on the head. "It sounds like what you need is a new C4 dealer." I connected with JSTRONG from this forum and he was able to connect to our system and work with me to resolve the problem. Their were 2 issues and they are now resolved, 1) hardware was plugged into the wrong port 2) the somfy hub needed to be reprogrammed. Again, thank you everyone.
  2. I was so fed up with our local Control4 dealer, we would call them because something wasn't working and then they would come out to our house and walk around for an hour or two and charge us for the time that they walked around the house just to tell us that what we called them out for wasn't working. Then they would say that someone else would have to come back out with more experience to fix the problem and they still couldn't tell me how they were going to fix it. Then when we would dispute the invoice (because they would charge us for telling us what didn't work) they called us unreasonable....it was a nightmare working with this company. I reached out to these guys and they offered to check our system (our blinds were not working with the Control4 System)....so I decided to give them a try. They are great and completely reasonable and fixed our problem. They work with you on your own time and also behind the scenes. Very nice and professional, we texted and also spoke on the phone. So happy, now they are my Control4 dealer! I highly recommend them.
  3. So then what are my options now? The last invoice from this Control4 support place was for 60 minutes of a young tech walking around our house and he ended in him telling me that the blinds don't work and that he couldn't help me and that he thought that the programming got deleted (then when he told me this I had him call his superior and the superior said that I could program the blinds myself using the 4Sight (I checked on that and I had already programmed the buttons-it just isn't working). According to this young tech guy the next step would be to send someone else over.....They don't seem to know what they are doing and it keeps costing us money - they charge us for the time it takes them to figure out what they did wrong in the first place so I hesitate to have them here..........argh.
  4. Thanks for all the help. The remote doesn't work the shades. So if i plugged in the Araknis instead of the router that the internet service provider plugged in then do you think this would take care of the problem?The original programming was done by Control4 - but there is an option to program it in the 4Sight and I did do that, should I just try redoing that first?
  5. yes, the lights work, the music works, but not the shades - the control4 guy said he simplified it by removing the router that went with the control4 system and is just using the router that came with the internet service.
  6. oh, it is an Araknis networks router, any ideas if this could be the issue? This has been going on for months now.
  7. Hope someone can help. I have our wall-keypad button's programmed fine, but all of a sudden none of our wall keypads work anymore. It appears to be linked to when we changed our internet service. The control4 guy came out and changed something when we received new internet service, he said it would be easier and he didn't link the new internet router with the control 4 router (he took that part out) it appears that the control4 router isn't being used at all anymore. I don't know if this has anything to do with it or not? I am so frustrated because we had a technician come out from their office and he ran around the house for 60 minutes and then told me that they would need to reprogram the wall buttons - it would take them about 2 hours to do that....so then they charged me for his time to tell me this and when I protested the invoice they give me a hard time about it....furthermore they said that I could program the buttons myself using the control4 website - which I had already done and they were working fine........Hope someone has an idea about what to do.
  8. is software easy to use or will i have to end up getting the dealer to help again....
  9. sorry for the caps...just not happy with the control4 system. sorry
  10. i did contact dealer and i think it is the programming, he told me to go to the link to see if i could do it myself, but i think it is all BS cuz the instructions don't tell you anything. I already posted the link he sent to me. They don't know what they are doing so often it takes them 4-5 hours to figure stuff out so then we are paying for all of their "learning" and figuring out time............ we are fed up with this system - we have to pay them to do everything, they won't let us have any programming control. I HATE THAT....so if we want to change the lights to come on at a different time we have to contact them and they charge us every time. Now these buttons don't work but the remotes do so it is totally something to do with the control4 system. We are going to sell the whole thing........move toward Alexa to control stuff....anyway, thanks for help, just going to get OTHER switches and the new somfy wall plug that works with the app and control via ALEXA.
  11. that didn't work. the thing is, the remotes work fine. it is just the buttons on the wall....supposedly they are programmed fine on the control4 system. ALL UP ALL DOWN, and then MASTER BEDROOM ALL UP MASTER BATH ALL DOWN MASTER BEDROOM ALL DOWN MASTER BATH ALL DOWN but when I push any of the bottoms they do not do anything
  12. no, i didn't try that, I will try that right now...
  13. they are already connected to the control4 system via the RF plug, make sense?
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