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  1. I figured it out. The red ("load") and black ("hot?") that weren't connected to anything on the AUX switch needed to be coupled. Thanks for the help!
  2. Installed my first c4 3-way switch and running into some problems. The switch and aux are powered correctly, and I can hear them click. When I turn it on, the load (red wire) seems to have power, but the light doesn't turn on. Wanted to sanity check the wiring with this group (see attached images). On the aux, should the load and the black wire be connected together? Also, am I reading the manual correctly, that the Aux doesn't need to be connected to ground?
  3. I believe the switch is a: C4-SW120277-WH I think @KWD is correct and they are wired in series.I'm wondering how I can fix it on my own. Will try and pull everything apart and take a closer look.
  4. Hi, I installed a switch that controls two outdoor patio lights. After installing, I noticed that one of the lights didn't work (I initially thought it was the bulb). Upon further inspection is looked like it was slightly flickering. When I unscrewed the light, the other one went dead. It sounds/feels like there is an issue with the circuit being completed Any ideas on how to best trouble shoot?
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