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  1. To complete the circle here, I ended up getting a really good price on https://atlona.com/product/at-hdr-m2c/ and swapped it in for the Amazon sourced converter. Beyond the obvious build quality improvements, being able to adjust 2-channel sound levels via the web interface is nice feature.
  2. Not sure how Apple implemented, but I was able to successful test out directly launching apps on the atv 4K via the Shortcuts app in iOS.
  3. Has there been any investigation into implementing shortcut behavior now that iOS added "Open App on Apple TV" as an action? This has routinely been a key feature in the preference in using Roku boxes.
  4. Had time over the weekend to test out https://amzn.to/2q64FYj The good news is that it does correctly pass through the digital signal via HDMI and convert the signal to stereo via the headphone jack. The sound level via the headphone jack is very low though. Output level from the built-in rca jacks is better, but isn't usable if the source signal has voice dedicated to the center channel. All the TV's in rooms with distributed audio throughout the house have their audio out wired back to the c4 audio matrix and volumes are normal when routed this way. Initially our vendor tried us
  5. I'm going to give the following box a try this time around: https://amzn.to/2q64FYj Since my current HDMI matrix only supports up to 1080P , I don't need to worry about dealing with 4K (for now). It looks like it should solve the problem I'm trying to solve since Xfinity maxes out at Dolby5.1. Any higher quality audio/video source would likely need this: https://bit.ly/2q57Tv2 Hopefully I'll be able to post successful results once its delivered.
  6. The ones I've gotten from Amazon and tested all convert the outgoing audio on the HDMI port to the lowest common format used, which in my case is 2-channel. If you have successful experience with certain models, I'd appreciate if you could share a name/model.
  7. What is everyone's go-to choice for extracting hdmi audio in order to distribute a 2-channel stream through an audio amp while retaining the original stream on the hdmi-out port? The cable co. is mandating new boxes which no longer have rca or toslink outputs. I currently have boxes shared through a WyreStorm matrix (MX-0808-PP-POH) with audio via both AV amps and distributed audio. I'd prefer not to have to dedicate sources in order to retain multichannel audio for the family room. I ran across the Atlona 4-input extractor, but don't really want to pay $2K to replicate what I alrea
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