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  1. I do this with a Cisco SX80 Telepresence system, which can also make/receive calls. Feeding the audio out through the matrix.
  2. Which model? There’s the 3x1 used in some demo kits; I have a driver. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I use a Panduit LS8E with the S100X150VAC cartridge. Not the cheapest option, but by far the cleanest I've found for wire labeling.
  4. Root access is still available but must be accessed via Composer Pro (instructions are in the release notes). I believe it may be using key authentication for ssh instead of a traditional password. Oddly enough, I had set a password on my lab controller which doesn’t work anymore; the option disappeared entirely. Trying to change it from the usual page in Composer didn’t work (old password invalid)...
  5. Hello, A few questions regarding Control4 Dealer Demo Kits: - Can we resell them to third parties either in parts or as a whole? The Demo Kit Agreement states that they may not be resold to end users or for personal use; but what happens to older demo kits like the C4-DEMOKIT-240-V3 with an HC-250 & other older gear? - What happens when the company is no longer an authorized dealer? Can these controllers (older or newer, e.g. C4-DEM0240 kit) be registered under another name/end user or are they locked to the demo accounts? Thanks, shag
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