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  1. So - I added the Vera ZWave security sensor driver, and it is bound to the Vera Controller. The ZWave security sensor is connected to the generic motion sensor. When I run my hand over the actual sensor - I can see a change of state to closed (verified = Yes). So it seems to be working. Under programming: When the Motion sensor senses motion: If specific light is off, then turn on that light When the Motion sensor stops sensing motion: If specific light is off, then turn off that light When I hit the execute button for each script, they each execute. I have many other events tied to similar logic - just cannot seem to have the motion sensor trigger simply turning on a light
  2. Trying to integrate Veraplus into C4. Have the Vera driver connected - "Vera connection successful - Full device data downloaded. I then loaded a generic motion sensor. Under properties of the Zwave controller, I have the zwave management link listed under inputs - but there are no sensors to bind to. Some questions: 1. Where will I see the devices in Vera? 2. How do I bind the motion sensors to Vera? Thanks in advance
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