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  1. I have both Panasonic and LG TV’s. Originally my LG’s were on IR and although it worked flawlessly I hated the bug flashing and limitations around using apps such as Netflix. I then found Annex4. I have had that running on 2 LG’s which has worked flawlessly. The toast messages are great particular with gates and garage doors. My understanding is Panasonic has C4 integration already included in the software which again has worked flawlessly. Did LG not recently add SDDP in the engineer menu for C4 integration. As someone else mentioned the style of TV you want is most important. I wanted OLED so meant I was restricted to LG or Panasonic.
  2. Quick question, what door operators do you have? I went through this same process and realised with a relay box the operator can provide feedback to C4 to tell me of the doors are open or closed.
  3. Thanks appreciate that. I will do some searching.
  4. That’s interesting. What is required for HomeKit integration? I have found a way to select Control4 but these are the only options it allows:
  5. I have recently had a routine and turned on my outside lights through Control4 at a similar time every night and noticed my iPhone suggesting it as a shortcut. This has got me thinking about potential other shortcuts. I would like to create a shortcut to open my gates. Does anyone know how to either create the shortcut or force it into the list of suggested shortcuts on the iPhone shortcuts app? Thanks
  6. I have not. I’ll take a look. When I purchased my switch 2 years ago I made sure I bought one compatible with Just Add Power although I think they are a little more flexible now. That’s one of the reasons I am still looking at JAP.
  7. Keen to understand any experiences with video distribution systems. I’m going to go with an IP system, likely to be either Binary or Just Add Power. Does anyone have either of these systems and any recommendations or guidance? Thanks
  8. Interesting comment. What is the “something else”?
  9. I don’t believe so because as soon as I turn the power on and turn on the lights from the puck, I can hear the relay trigger in the PIR. This is the key, I don’t want each transition as a click I need it to be a press and hold that would solve my problem.
  10. The option you are suggesting is what I tried from the start but I think I may have a faulty PIR. When I connect the puck (switch and not dimmer) the same as the writing diagram you mention, when the puck overrides the lights the PIR is consuming some of the power which triggers the internal relay. This means that regardless of the ambient situation the PIR triggers and never turns off. Ill speak to the manufacturer tomorrow and see what they say. Hopefully it will be a simple fix/replacement of the PIR. Such a shame the AUX doesn’t work as that would have been great. The puck should read the AUX as a constant feed instead of pulse. That would be the issue fixed. Thanks for the help.
  11. I have Neo stats and can definitely vouch for them. Would love to have them for my underfloor heating but unfortunately I have the wrong probes in the floor. I can’t remember which way around it is but either the Neo’s work with 10k probes and I have 100k in the floor or I have 10k probes and the Neo works 100k. I have 4 rooms with electric underfloor heating and would love to integrate with Control4 but changes the probes is never going to happen with them under tiles.
  12. Come to think of it, a timer wouldn’t work either because if the PIR triggered it would turn the lights on starting a timer. If the lights went off before the PIR timer when the PIR triggered to off it sends another pulse to the aux which is set to always on, thus turning the lights back on. Very confusing.
  13. Unfortunately as it’s currently set up, the AUX input will not work. With the puck set to toggle the load through the AUX it provides huge limitations. The puck is almost treating the PIR feed like a pulse so when the PIR defects movement it toggles the power. This is fine if the lights are off but if you override through control4 it causes issues. For example if I turn the lights on via Control4 and the PIR detects movement the puck will toggle the load, turning the lights off... It then means when the PIR timer runs down it will toggle the load again which in this scenario would turn the lights back on again. They would not turn off until Control4 turned them off of the PIR detected motion. Defeats the object of a PIR if the lights turn off when motion is detected. I tried using the AUX as ON but then the lights never turn off from the PIR. I suppose I would need to put a timer in control4 to turn the lights off. Does any of this make sense?
  14. So good news and bad news. The good news is the switched live from the PIR into the AUX of the puck works perfectly so when the PIR triggers, the lights turn on via the puck. The bad news is if the lights are on from Control4 and the PIR triggers to also on it then turns the lights off. It’s almost as if the AUX is set to turn the lights to the opposite state. If lights are off and PIR is off = lights off If lights are on (turned on from Control4) and then the PIR triggers to on, the lights go off. Is there a way to fix this in composer? Thank you for the great advice by the way.
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