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  1. It's a shame there is no way to rename the part arm but I suppose once you have used it for a while you know which is which. At the moment the Smartcom is enabling me to use both the app and C4 which is a little odd. I am now disconnecting the Smartcom to see what happens but I expect it to break everything. I just can't find the IP address for the comip to be able to put it into C4.
  2. Thanks for the info. Do you have separate IP’s for the comip and smartcom? Have you been able to name your part arms in C4 or are they still part arm 1,2,3?
  3. Any texecom experts available for remote support? I have just had a Texecom alarm installed and I have some queries about the set up of smartcom and comip along with integration into C4. The control 4 integration has been done on the Smartcom module but I also wanted use of the texecom app so I have had a comip module installed today. I am unsure if i need to disconnect C4 and use a new IP address. Also would like help with history in C4 and naming of part arms. thanks
  4. Can you not just take the rtsp stream and take that into the NVR and record from there. Surely that would enable history and scrubbing?
  5. Does C4 store all video history like the Nest Hello without an NVR or only event triggered video clips?
  6. That’s what I thought. Time to get the CCTV install done then and I can remove my old nest.
  7. So I used to have my Yale lock integrated into C4 but note this is not supported by either C4 or Yale… In the end I had to remove it from my system as it was causing a really strange zigbee issue where you would turn the lights on from C4 and the lights would go on, then off and then back on again. After numerous hours testing various different issues we realised it was down to the L1! Since it’s been removed there have been no similar issues. You should also note, due to the nature of the multi point locking doors the L1 is designed for, you cannot remote lock. You need the lever to be pulled up in order for the lock to engage which has to be done manually. You can only unlock the door with C4. The L1 also doesn’t track user entries within C4. The old Yale locks would show who unlocked the door based on a pin code but the L1 cannot do that. IMO they just aren’t worth integrating and I am yet to find an alternative. Feel free to message me for more info.
  8. I am hoping to integrate the stream for the chime into a Hik NVR. Has anyone done this? I have tested the stream using media player but would be good to know if anyone has had success.
  9. Yes I am adding generic relays and binding them to the door contacts so I can program but when I click on the alarm there is a tab called zones but it doesn't show anything. It did when it was first installed today but that has now gone. It was an easy way to see if any doors were open.
  10. Today I had a new Texecom alarm installed which has been integrated with C4 and I have a couple of questions I'm hoping someone might be able to answer? 1. Originally I could see all zones, for example I have multiple door contacts and if a door was open it would show, however that has disappeared and I can't figure out why. On C4 it just says no open zones. 2. I am having a number of partial arms. C4 seems to provide the option for "Part Arm", does anyone know how to use these? Thanks
  11. Does anyone know of a way to integrate Flic V2 buttons into Control4? I do have Berto for HomeKit but that doesn’t work with V2 buttons.
  12. Is this within the properties tab in system design?
  13. Is anyone able to help me here? When I look at the Sonos network driver I don’t have any information on “Play Audio Clip”. All I have under properties is the driver version and debug mode.
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