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  1. I have got something similar to this in my garage. I found you need to be millimetre perfect with the supports on the Control4 keypad. They need to sit on the surround of the surface box to ensure the facias fit correctly.
  2. Yes, this is what I have done which seems to be working very well.
  3. I had a timer originally but it didn't work very well because the curtains would sometimes open in complete darkness as we are getting into winter. This way the blinds will only open when sunrise has taken place.
  4. Ahh, that's what I thought. I have put this in so will test it out. Thanks for the guidance.
  5. This sounds like it would work, however I thought a boolean only allowed a true or false so how would you set a value? Am I missing something?
  6. I'm looking for some advice on how to configure wake up alarms. I currently have it set up that when the wake up alarm is triggered, if sunrise has taken place the blinds open. If sunrise has not happened there is a delay of 20 minutes before the blinds then open. What I would really like to do is have it set so the blinds open when sunrise takes place. This is how I'm thinking about it: If sunrise is true --> all blinds open If sunrise is false --> activate lighting scene, when sunrise becomes true --> all blinds open Is anyone able to share ideas on how I mi
  7. I have a multipoint door so only the Conexis L1 is suitable. The old version which had a keypad on it was supported so struggling to understand why the current version wouldn’t work.
  8. Is there anywhere to find compatibility of Yale products with Control4? I have previously been told it wasn’t supported.
  9. Do you have any more detail on the SR-260 icons?
  10. Has anyone had success with finding a way to integrate Yale Conexis L1 lock into C4? My understanding is C4 didn’t support it but I’m hoping that has changed.
  11. Yeh as far as I’m aware, these are only held in with the faceplate and do not “click” into place like the other buttons.
  12. I would also consider Berto. @david@berto.co.uk has been great and helped me get mine set up. I sourced my own pi4 and loaded the software to get gates and garage doors from Control4 into HomeKit. I originally did it to create Apple shortcuts so that I can tell Siri I’m coming home and it opens my gates and garage doors. It works really well. Let me know if you want screenshots.
  13. Sorry not sure I was very clear. Just to note, I am in the UK so 230v. I already have a dual load wireless dimmer operating a circuit running led tape. 230v from the Control4 keypad goes into a 12v transformer for the tape but I’m not sure if the dealer has set the load on the keypad to on/off instead of dimmable. My understanding is a dual load can have a load set to on/off or dimmable in composer where as a single load has to be purchased as a dimmable unit or a switch. The switch makes a relay sound so I am trying to see if I can use a dimmable single load keypad which t
  14. Do you know if you can connect a 24v LED dimmable module to a Control4 single load dimmable wireless keypad? I presume the answer is yes but not had a huge amount of experience with single colour led tape
  15. Sounds like Lutron is the preference. Any dealers here based in the UK that have experience with Lutron?
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