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  1. Any recommendations out there for a decent alarm system which integrates with Control4? I already have an alarm system which I would like to replace with something which integrates with C4.
  2. I have three playbars which I will leave as is and then multiple ceiling speakers. I would say 90% of the time the speakers are playing something from Spotify. Sometimes tunein radio but that’s it.
  3. I currently have sonos across the house with circa 12 zones. The integration with Control4 is not great mainly because you can’t pick music from Spotify etc which means I tend to use ipad’s for control4 although they are not as good as the c4 tablets. With the sonos announcement and having a number of amps which will be ‘legacy’, I was looking at alternatives. Any suggestions on whether I should just stick with sonos amps or move to something else?
  4. I have a Yale Conexis L1 which I got the Control4 module for only to find out it couldn't be loaded into the project and is not supported by Control4. I am unable to find anyone that has done it so I guess I need to go down an alternative route. Any recommendations for a Control4 approved multipoint lock?
  5. Has anyone managed to get a Conexis L1 integrated with Control4?
  6. Thanks all for the info. Do you know if there is anything which is of a similar size to the Nest doorbell which can use intercom anywhere?
  7. Has anyone managed integration between Nest Hello doorbell and Control4? I really don’t want to change to a DS2 but the lack of integration is annoying.
  8. So here is a photo of the dual load dimmer where you can see the LEDs are on even though there is electrical tape over the sensor. (Excuse the labels, engraved buttons haven’t arrived yet) I have also included a screenshot of the LED graph. What’s concerning is it shows current ambient at a maximum of 255 yet the electrical tape lets 0 light in.
  9. So I am testing it another dual load dimmer in a different room and I am getting the same issue. I have set the led's and backlight to be off in a dark room and I have put some electrical tape over the sensor so there is no light going through. Randomly the led's will just turn on and when looking in composer HE it is reading the light level at 255! Then the led's will turn off after a while. It is impossible to be reading any light because I have tape over the sensor. It's frustrating because the dual load dimmer which caused the issue is in a bedroom and the led's will just turn on at a random time in the middle of the night and with them being so bright it wakes me up. I have two wireless keypads in the same room which have no issues so it is only the dual loads which seem to have this issue... I am stumped.
  10. Bit of a strange one here with the light sensor on a dual load dimmer (square UK version). It is located in a bedroom so the led's are set to turn off in a dark room, however for some reason the led's decide to turn on when they feel like it. It can be in the middle of the night and pitch black and the led's will turn on to full brightness yet I have no idea why. I also have two wireless keypads in the same room which work no problem and the led's only turn on when there is light in the room. Control4 have replaced the switch but that has not solved the issue. Any ideas how to resolve or has anyone come across this before? Thanks
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