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  1. Thanks for the info. I have ordered a Flic V2 to test and see how it goes.
  2. I am already using a Pi with the Berto drivers. Does anyone know if you still need the Flic hub? Also, do the buttons then show as a device in Composer which you can then run programming on?
  3. Yup I’ve had it working for a while now however I’ve just had to take it out. The reality is Control4 state they don’t support the L1 therefore information surrounding the ID of these locks is non existent. In order to ID the lock you press the button THREE times not the usual four. This should ID straight in. So, the reason I have just removed it. For a while I have been struggling with odd behaviour on my lights. When I would use the C4 app the feedback for the lights wouldn’t work correctly and if turning the lights on they would turn on, off and then on again. The oppos
  4. Not sure where you are based but I would think twice about a MOIP system. Having installed a J+P 3G system recently for distributed 4k video I have unfortunately had to take it back out and send it back. I am in the UK and despite J+P claiming they can deal with 4k60 it’s actually not the case. The receivers can only receive a maximum of 4k30. In the UK things like sky boxes do not allow you to reduce the frame rate below 50hz which is the PAL standard. The same goes for other sources too. This results in a terrible image on things like football/soccer which is the majority of what I
  5. It was very easy in the end. Install the module, load the Yale driver and then three button presses (not 4) on the lock to discover it. That was it done.
  6. I have a working L1 in C4. Took me ages as both Yale and C4 claim they are not supported and do not work. That is not the case and will integrate.
  7. Yes Yale and Control4 told me the lock wasn’t supported and I had given up with getting it ID’d. It was only the fact I happened to speak to someone who had actually done it so I gave it a try. 3 button presses and then ID’d in. My firmware version is 1.1.0 and I think I installed it late 2019. As for zigbee range I’m not sure as I have a keypad next to the door so it’s never been an issue for me. Hope that helps.
  8. I did. It was an easy fix in the end. All you need to do is press the identify button 3 times instead of the normal 4 with C4. The only think I would say, there isn’t much you can do. Because of the way multipoint locks work you can’t lock the door but you can unlock. The only useful element for me is to get the status of the lock so I know of it’s been locked or not. This lock does not track user entry or anything as far as I have seen. Hope that helps.
  9. Thanks, yes I'm working with my dealer to get this resolved. Thought I would try on here to see if there was any suggestions. I have my dealer also helping out with a video matrix but that is another story following a disappointing installation with Just Add Power.
  10. Thanks for this info. Having played around today it looks to be only affecting devices through my EA-5. I have a retrofit system so using wireless adaptive phase dimmers etc. The switches connected to other EA’s zigbee network are no problem, it’s only a problem with switches connected to the EA’5. What is also strange is on one switch I have buttons for 4 individual loads and one working a hue lamp (only 2 loads are connected through this switch, the other two loads are connected through an adjacent switch). The four loads have the behaviour of on,off,on and won’t update on the navigator yet
  11. I seem to be having some very strange C4 activity. The first issue is the feedback is incredibly slow both within the iOS app and on the SR260. When I turn the lights on it doesn't seem to update any icons for a long period of time. In addition I have one room where the lighting icon on the front screen shows there being one or many of the light loads on yet when I go into the lights for that room they are all off... Probably most annoying is the behaviour when turning on and off lights. This happens on multiple room and loads. When turning on, the lights will turn on, then off and t
  12. I have ordered a hue plug to test on the Christmas lights. Any ideas if you can use it for a fan. I presume you have to just play around with the programming and make it look like a light but being used for something else.
  13. This is the link to the Hue plug which does seem to be for lamps so it doesn't seem as though it works very well in the app for other products. https://www.philips-hue.com/en-gb/p/hue-smart-plug/8718699689308 I have found the Kasa stuff, any ideas on which plug is best? https://www.tp-link.com/uk/home-networking/smart-plug/ The KP115 makes sense as it has energy monitoring but not out yet. Any ideas on what is the difference between the Tapo P100 and the KP105?
  14. Haha yes sorry I realised that when I read your message. Do the Hue versions not work very well with C4? What is the Kasa integration like with C4? I did see Wemo but it looks like Belkin is discontinuing the products in the UK.
  15. I was hoping to integrate with Apple HomeKit too which I don’t think they do.
  16. Hi, Is there a smart plug suitable for the UK which also works with Control4? I have seen the Hue version and I already have hue lamps and bridge so is that the best option? I know that ideally it is to be used for lights which one will be (Christmas tree lights) but the other will be for a fan. Thanks
  17. Does anyone know of a way to group two Sonos zones through Control4?
  18. I have a c4 dealer but unfortunately they don’t offer alarm systems. Near brighton
  19. I'm looking for an alarm installation company based in the south of the UK. Any recommendations out there? Thanks
  20. I have got something similar to this in my garage. I found you need to be millimetre perfect with the supports on the Control4 keypad. They need to sit on the surround of the surface box to ensure the facias fit correctly.
  21. Yes, this is what I have done which seems to be working very well.
  22. I had a timer originally but it didn't work very well because the curtains would sometimes open in complete darkness as we are getting into winter. This way the blinds will only open when sunrise has taken place.
  23. Ahh, that's what I thought. I have put this in so will test it out. Thanks for the guidance.
  24. This sounds like it would work, however I thought a boolean only allowed a true or false so how would you set a value? Am I missing something?
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