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  1. no. I pulled the lock from an existing C4 system when client upgraded from C4 to Savant. So i think problem is with the lock not staying in pairing mode for more than 1/2 a second. It immediately going 7>#>1>#>"Complete." It's just weird because I've never had this problem before on other locks when trying to pair to C4.
  2. I've been running into this problem as well, I go through the register mode on the Yale Lock (Master Code>7>#>1>#). Soon as I hit the last '#' it says complete, but I go back to my Director where I have the Connection page open for pairing, I've waited as long as 5 min and it never shows up. My back door lock is about 1' away from a bank of C4 dimmers, so I don't believe it is a ZigBee range issue. Anyone got any ideas? I'm running OS 2.10.6
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