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  1. Moved into our current house about 1.5 years ago which had an existing C4 setup. Since then I've used some remote integrators to make some changes which have been painful at times but the system overall has become fairly stable and useful. It is covering lighting mostly plus some basic AV coordination. Today the HC800 seems to have entirely packed up which has left us with no lighting control. The symptoms are pretty much identical to this post. I've tried a few obvious network related options to resolve this, none of which have helped. So given that I might be looking at a failed
  2. I'm based in the U.K. but open to integrators from other locations. I recently moved into a property that has an existing HC800-based setup. The controller is now only handling lighting controls, due to the previous owner removing their AV equipment. I'm keen to integrate the controller with my own equipment, as well as bring it up to the latest OS version. Here is a summary of what I'm seeking, although I'm open to guidance/suggestions. Upgrade to OS 3.X from 2.10.5 Purchase of Composer HE to allow me to handle small amendments in future which I'm comfortable doing. A
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