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  1. Thank you all for your replies. I am using the version I have some tablets on the wall. I guess there are android. I haven’t got any error message on the screen. The intercom is not working as well as when someone rings the doorbell, is nothing on the screen. So I guess there is no connection. I am connected with through Ethernet.
  2. My doorbell has been disconnected with the tablet and the internal communication between the tablets are not working as well. They stopped working around 2 weeks ago. All the other functions are working. I have tried reset them but nothing happen. Any suggestions?
  3. Sorry, what do you mean by zigbee channel and how I can change that?
  4. All my keypad buttons are not working properly. Some buttons do not respond when I press them. I have to press constantly the button in order for the light to close. Also some keypads have all the time the blue lights on. Have tried to reset them by 9-4-9 but nothing is happening. I changed my wifi router 3 days ago. Any chance that this could be the fault? I have a smart home and everything is connected in a control 4 rug? Not sure if it is called like this. Any thoughts?
  5. A quick update. A friend advised me to reset the switch by pressing 9 times the top button and 4 times the bottom and then 9 times again the top button. And it worked. Thanks. Please consider the issue solved.
  6. Yesterday I noticed in one of the rooms the keypad buttons are not working. I was lucky that I could turn on the lights through the app. There are 6 buttons on each switch. All of them are not working. For the rest of the house everything is working fine. The system was installed in 2018. Any ideas how to solve the issue?
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