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  1. Do you tried to connect via phone internet, rather than wifi?
  2. Hello! I'm interested with this position, PM me with your details please.
  3. On one of my garage doors with an older (non-security code) style door I just used a zwave relay to actuate the door operator circuit and a zwave tilt sensor for the position. Then in HA i set up an automation that as soon as the door is open for 30 minutes it sends a pushbullet notification. For my newer door that has a rolling code style remote for security a simple relay won’t work. In ended up buying a spare remote control and the used the relay soldered across the pushbutton of the remote to simulate someone pushing the button. It works great. and cheaper than opengarage even if you build your own from parts because you still need to buy a security module to make it work. and for the position on that door I used a nodemcu with a radar HC-SR04 module to measure the distance to the door to indicate up or down.
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