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  1. I wouldnt give my c4 equipment to my worst enemy, if I were building a new house it is the last thing I would buy. It should be called controlU because thats what it does lol.
  2. Strange, the one I got is 1.04 and I am pretty sure it was 2018. I updated it and it took.
  3. How do I get the Composer Home Edition? I read about it a while back and since I can't get any consistent help from local dealers maybe I can get some of the silly simple stuff done myself. I didn't realize that was different than the place where I can login and add or remove users and do the if/then/when stuff. Thanks for any info
  4. I am in need of the same thing but I need a good remote programmer if you know one. thanks
  5. Wish I had one that was decent, I got it from the guy that sold it to me. Thanks
  6. I have a sx-8p and am looking for the current firmware. My pakedge access point told me when the firmware wasnt current but I dont see that option on the switch and the current firmware is 2017. Is that information only available to c4 dealers as I have not found the answer on google thus far. thank you!!
  7. Omg where is my head today totally missed that. Thank you!!
  8. Does anyone know if there is a way to do a factory reset if you are unable to get in to the ap? I changed the password as required and now old nor new one works. thank you
  9. Is this done instead of using an NK-1? Or is this acting more like a mesh network and two wk-2's with an NK-1 will be night and day different? Thanks
  10. In addition how is the wk’s performance when wall mounted vs ceiling mounted?
  11. Do you have any idea how these two pieces of equipment run as far as the wireless, does the wr-1 have decent range? i know it doesnt have the speed the wk does. Is the wk-1 a better match for the wr as far as seemless interaction?
  12. Can these be used together? thanks
  13. To start the sx line of switches, thank you.
  14. Found a new dealer and he got me all straight for now. Thanks for your alls help!!
  15. Does anyone know where there is a list of the C4 and Pakedge Hardware Retail Pricing? I know there is a lot of mark up in the Pakedge products so its hard to tell what the price is of new items. Ebay literally has brand new items at one price with one seller and twice the price with another. Thanks!!
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