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  1. Okay it’s up to date. But I’m not seeing the driver in composer.
  2. Are you talking about IrUSB app or composer HE?
  3. Is there a way to program long press select button to custom button? or get context menu in Kodi?
  4. Thank you for the reply. Am I able to download mini app drivers with composer HE? What are my limitations with composer HE
  5. Okay thank you. So you recommend Chowmain if he already has a license?
  6. Do I need these drivers also. Or just the Chowmain? http://www.video-storm.com/Downloads/driver support.htm
  7. Ea-1 and 3. Os3 My dealer is coming Friday so I’ll have him look into it.
  8. Yes he paid for the driver and installed. But I didn’t have IrUSB when he installed. I installed the IrUSB after he installed.
  9. Yes he’s coming Friday. I remember him saying the IP address was already set up for the shield. So the IrUSB is set up on shield. And do I just tell him to use chowmains driver?
  10. I showed him which one. He’s actually coming back to fix some speakers that aren’t playing so I will tell him to mess with it. Also I know on the instructions. It says that you need to have the IrUSB plugged in first then you install driver.
  11. Hello all, just got my Control4 system put in a couple weeks ago. I bought the IrUSB and plugged in shield. I told my dealer about the Nvidia Shield driver and downloaded Chowmain driver. I updated IrUSB to v225. But it’s not working with c4 remote sr-260. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Is there anything else I need to do? I also have home edition. But waiting on my windows computer to come in. Thanks all.
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