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  1. Thank you. So I was looking at a Sony. It has a driver. What would I connect if the master is on zone 2 monitor out of receiver. How would the connections go?
  2. so the hdmi that's coming from receiver go into sound bar, then hdmi out from sounder to hdmi in ARC to tv?
  3. That’s what I figured. But what are the HDMI options if tv is connect via HDMI to receiver and wanted to add sound bar?
  4. Yes it has optical. Maybe arc. I have to check. But it’s on zone 2 on receiver for monitor 2 out. So would I use HDMI from receiver to sound bar then HDMI from sound bar to tv? Or would I just use optical from sound bar to tv?
  5. What are my options for a sound bar. I have a game room with 7.1 surround connected to a receiver on zone 1 in an av rack. In master I have just a tv on zone two. Tv is ir. What are my options for sound bar in master?
  6. I'm trying to see if there is a way to do a long select press. Can't see anything in programming. I'm trying to get context menu in kodi, thanks.
  7. my dealer can't find the driver properties to enter the code for long press select button in programming, commands. I have the chowmain driver for nvidia shield and amazon tv.
  8. Okay it’s up to date. But I’m not seeing the driver in composer.
  9. Are you talking about IrUSB app or composer HE?
  10. Is there a way to program long press select button to custom button? or get context menu in Kodi?
  11. Thank you for the reply. Am I able to download mini app drivers with composer HE? What are my limitations with composer HE
  12. Okay thank you. So you recommend Chowmain if he already has a license?
  13. Do I need these drivers also. Or just the Chowmain? http://www.video-storm.com/Downloads/driver support.htm
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