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  1. As the ATV has fallen behind others in the last year, then seeing the new functionality in IOS14, I think ATV will surprize us with lots of new Homekit & automation stuff.
  2. We use these and highly recommend: https://www.acinfinity.com/rack-fans/
  3. On a networking thread various people mentioned that they don’t really have issues with UniFi networking, my question is in relation to using UniFi networking what about using the UniFi integrated camera with the networking (https://unifi-network.ui.com/video-security) I see many people mentioning Hikvision cameras, has anybody used the UniFi camera and if so, how does it work with C4?
  4. Thank you to everyone who commented on my post on UniFi networking, it seems like there are no real issues when using it. (if setup correctly)
  5. I am about to implement a full UniFi network in my new home with C4, can those that are running successful UniFi networks suggest an ideal setup with regard to C4, VLAN's etc for a large home installation.
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