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  1. Added some Somfy blinds to the systems
  2. There has been much talk of varying network setups with regard to vlan’s and how many vlan’s is correct UDM Pro & Control 4 setup I have just installed the following into a new build and would like some assistance UniFi Equipment UDM Pro Multiple 48 Port POE Switches UniFi 6 Lite access points UniFi Protect NVR UniFi Protect cameras Various Control 4 equipment including C4 wireless light switches, EA5, sound etc Any C4/ UniFi pro’s out there able to set this up correctly/remotely. Please PM etc so we can discuss
  3. Just found this and looks interesting https://www.proautomation.co/ with home assistant and Raspberry Pi 4 integration https://www.proautomation.co/poolsense-now-integrates-with-home-assistant/. Maybe some clever guy on the forum can make it work with C4
  4. If it is a choice between the Paradox Evo or DSC Neo alarms systems and the best integration into Control4, which would be the better choice to go with and why?
  5. This is what I have just ordered (waiting for delivery) for my new build Dream Machine Pro: https://eu.store.ui.com/collections/unifi-network-routing-switching/products/udm-pro 2 x 48 Port PoE Switch: https://eu.store.ui.com/collections/unifi-network-routing-switching/products/usw-pro-48-poe Ordering a number of these next month when they become available in my region New: UniFi 6 Lite Access Point: https://eu.store.ui.com/collections/unifi-network-access-points/products/unifi-ap-6-lite Then from there the UniFi Protect and cameras
  6. If you dont mind, which company / website did you get the blinds from, may be worthwhile looking at as Im busy with blinds/ curtains in my new build
  7. Great house, looks awesome. Hope to crack an invite one day for a beer
  8. Any advise from people with LED strip lighting or DMX would be appreciated I busy with the lighting of new build as we speak and trying to decide on LED strip lighting or DMX in certain areas with C4 integration but dont know enough about DMX or even the differences between this for a large residential house. Any tips, advice or even reading material suggestions appreciated
  9. So no real consensus on a color wheel except these 2 options (Janus technology and a generic Blackwire C4 color wheel) Does anybody else have any suggestions?
  10. Some great ideas for programming the buttons / automations, would love to hear how others have configured theirs
  11. As the ATV has fallen behind others in the last year, then seeing the new functionality in IOS14, I think ATV will surprize us with lots of new Homekit & automation stuff.
  12. We use these and highly recommend: https://www.acinfinity.com/rack-fans/
  13. On a networking thread various people mentioned that they don’t really have issues with UniFi networking, my question is in relation to using UniFi networking what about using the UniFi integrated camera with the networking (https://unifi-network.ui.com/video-security) I see many people mentioning Hikvision cameras, has anybody used the UniFi camera and if so, how does it work with C4?
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