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  1. Moved into a house that uses C4 and after using the system for 2 weeks decided to remove it. Everything works as expected, I just didn't want to keep the system. I'm located in Toronto and prices are in Canadian dollars. Controller C4-EA5 ($1100) 9 Keypads C4-KCB ($110 per keypad or big discount if you take all of them) Bus Power Supply C4-DIN-BPS48 ($80) Bus Ethernet Gateway C4-DIN-BEG-V2 ($80) I'll sell everything for $2000
  2. Thank you all for the feedback, I will give the system a try.
  3. We understand the value of C4 and the reason why people spend thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars to automate their homes. I struggle with the lack of control that system like this bring into my life, as well as the cost of maintaining it. Even the best systems out there fail, and a centralized solution like C4 could bring big headaches to my life, like losing all lighting in my house because something went wrong with my controller. I can't even call a regular electrician to fix my lighting issues, I have to depend on a specific product with specialized dealers, that's a deal breaker for me, but it's just an opinion, I'm sure there are many happy customers out there.
  4. Excellent. We have other things connected, like audio and security, but we're going to unplug that.
  5. Our system is connected to an EA-5 controller. Can we configure it so that the keypad only controls on/off and dimming, and then take it offline so that we don't need a dealer?
  6. To be frank, I just don't want a system where any time something goes wrong, I have to call a dealer. So switching to a similar system isn't a solution for me.
  7. The former owner confirmed all the keypads are low voltage unfortunately. Is the are way to keep that low voltage wiring to control the lights manually with third party low voltage switches? I'm shocked I need to re-wire my entire house to stop depending on C4, that's going to be >$10K
  8. I understand that it's probably not straight forward--but what does it entail? My wife and I are committed to removing the whole system and selling the equipment. We bought the house with it installed and we just don't want it.
  9. Thanks for the quick response. We don't want a home automation system - we're actually removing the whole thing from our new house. Everything seems straight forward except for lighting, so I'm hoping I can get some insight on here. What would need to be done in order to remove C4 from our house lighting considering it's all low voltage?
  10. Hi all, I'm looking to remove a C4 system from my new house. In particular, I want to uninstall all the C4 low voltage keypads to go back to regular light switches. Is this possible without having to re-wire the house? Any insight would be much appreciated!
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