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  1. I used J3 after getting sick and tired of my local installer...Nothing worked the way it should. My wife and I contemplated throwing our C4 investment in the garbage! As a last ditch effort, I decided to get it fixed remotely. J3 upgraded me from 2.9 to OS 3.1.1, deleted HC300, and added a new IO extender for me. He programmed the system to meet my needs, deleted some previous owner's euupment that doesnt exist anymore, and reprogrammed the SR260 remotes for me. He was a pleasure to work with and I found him very knowledgeable! He worked diligently to overcome a few hiccups along the way. I asked him to add some additional music services than what I had originally requested, so there was some scope creep, however he didnt ask for additional money than we had agreed upon in beginning. I found his rates to be very reasonable, and found him very willing to go the extra mile. Just one word of caution....to use remote services, you need to be somewhat familiar with your Control4 system, and willing to do some physical work, such as plug or unplug, rack mount or unmount devices etc. if you want devices added or removed.... however, at the end you will save lots of money and get satisfaction. I am planning on using J3 as my future dealer for my system. My wife and I are loving the new OS version and music plus AV services...thanks to J3! Feel free to PM me if you need some additional information. Everything is now worth thousands spent on the C4 system...sometimes all you need is a knowledgable brain behind the magic...and that's J3!
  2. Good point! I am not an audiophile...but mostly it's for music not readily on Spotify. Its because the music is not English. Very valid point!
  3. Ty guys! So I gotta ditch 150 bucks for managing my collection...that sucks! KWD..I will check out roon...not familiar with it. TY all!
  4. I recently got updated to OS 3.1.1. I don't see the Composer ME on customer.control4.com. Does anyone has any idea of what's the story with that? Guidance is appreciated. At the end of the day, I want to be able to stream my own collection of music to various rooms. What are you guys doing with your music collection? I bet no one is using the dock. Thanks. Shoaib
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