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  1. Bind Bridge does not work with my fireplace remote RC300. I emailed Bond bridge and they said they are still working on it. I have attached pic of my fireplace wiring. Can someone please tell me how can I connect c4 relay?
  2. Yes I did right before i posted here. They just emailed me back. Thank you
  3. Lippavisual, I purchased bond bridge. Worked excellent with all my motorized window shades. But my fire place is still not working. It shows green light when I program. Which means its programmed but it's not turning on or off fireplace. All I need is to turn it on and off. There is not fan in my fireplace. Any idea?
  4. Yes. I have contil of fire height. My fireplace is see through. So I dont have fan or led brightness option. Wall switch triggers pilot only when wcitch is in ON position. Once I use remote then fireplace turns on with light. Wall switch triggers spark in order to turn pilot on.
  5. Axay878


    Got it. I thought I could use APD as two switch keypad. I guess it doesn't work like that. T hff bank you for you help.
  6. Yes ILOVEC4. That's is how mine works as well. I would like to know what kinds of C4 I need to install in fireplace in order to work with keypad. One I install that, I can find Bond driver.
  7. Axay878


    This is adaptive phase dimmer. Only two contacts inside.
  8. Hello, I recently installed Mezzo 48 inch see through fireplace. There is 110v switch on the wall which turn on and off pilot. I use remote to turn fireplace on and off. I understand I can replace switch with control4 switch or keypad. What should I do to turn on and off fireplace from control4 keypad instread of remote? If I use control4 replay then can someone show a connection diagram? Thank you
  9. Axay878


    Thank you for your response. APD has only two switches inside. Up for on and down for off. If insaperate them then the keys came with the switch doesn't fit in it.
  10. Axay878


    I have adaptive phase dimmer. Does it work one load on and off or I can programe one for one load and second for another load as a Keypad?
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