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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, there isn't any rack/Switch to speak of back in the house, just a standard sky router. Also apologies its a Cat6a cable that is in the duct not Cat6, in fact two have gone in. One problem i may have is setting everything up as the customers are away in there other house for a few months and we have no access in to the house until they return, so setting up the control4 without access to the main router may be a pain. At least with a Packedge secondary router in the outbuilding i can assign IPs etc I just know the project manager is going to want everything up
  2. Good day, I was wondering if anyone can advise the best setup for the below Got a Good sized outbuilding, gym, snooker room etc has centralised c4 system, along with ap points, sonos, cctv etc. There is a ducted cat6 being installed back to main house router, I was going to connect this to the main router and then to a network switch in the outbuilding. I’m now thinking it would be better to put a router in the outbuilding. What’s the best way to set this up linking this up to the house router
  3. Hi, could anyone help with the below Script, its probably something very simple to someone with more experience. I have the below script setup to run so whenever room off is pressed. The problem i have is whenever the sonos is paused from the SR260 it runs the script, how do i stop it doing that? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply, sorry only just seen it. I will have a go at that this week.
  5. Hello, im trying to do my first bit of programming and could do with some help. I have an outbuilding that my wife is going to start using to do some therapy treatments. I have wrote a macro named “treatment” and mapped it to the custom button on the sr260 when activated this shows a pop up on the tv, activates sonos playlist, turns the touchscreen brightness to 10% and ramps a few different lights to low levels. I want to be able to activate this from the custom button on the remote, the tv and touchscreen UI. Also when the scene is invoked is there any way to stop it and return everyt
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