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  1. Hi I am new to control4 i am using this driver but from within my Media list i have normal channels mixed with radio and therefore on my Neeo remote i can see the whole list. Is there something been missed to exclude Radio channels or order the list so they are displayed later?
  2. I have inter-vlan routing enable to see if it will work but will no joy. I am using Unifi kit but for this purpose shouldnt matter
  3. Are all your cameras on a single network or are they VLAN'd off?
  4. Hi All I am relatively new to C4 so excuse me this has been covered before. My current setup is i have an EA3 on VLAN1 = 192.168.67.xx and i have Hikvision IP cameras on = VLAN10 192.168.254.xx All camera are connected to the core network on access ports of VLAN10. I have a Hikvision NVR which is successfully able to see them with no issues. I have presented a Trunk port with a native vlan of 1 to my EA3 and within allowed networks i have added the relevant CIDR ranges and assigned the EA3 as above. Does anyone know if this will support viewing the cameras or have i missed a trick thanks sunny
  5. Hi I have recently joined the world of C4. I am trying to get my 2016 UE65KS7000 to work. What would be the best driver for this. I appreciate this is an old thread.
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