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  1. Well, I don't know why but after several days now it appears to be working properly again. Scene is active, Current State displays active and keypad LED is blue as it should be. I did a test in another room with the same type of lighting scene and a fan delay. The fan delay didn't appear to have any affect on the scene. When I activate the scene, current state shows active and LED turns blue while allowing the fan to run during the delay. I was wondering if you could please explain what the "Sync This Scene" function does and why/when to use it? Maybe your suggestion to sync the scene is what fixed it. I really can't be sure but I'm giving the credit to you because I was getting no where on my own. Thanks for the help!
  2. I have "All Loads" checked Tracking column is "At Scene Final Level" Tried "Synce This Scene" and could tell if anything happened. Problem persists. I've attached a screenshot. Thank you
  3. Thanks for the quick response. It is Control4 lighting.
  4. I have a lighting scene that turns all lights off. I have a keypad that is programmed to activate this scene on a double tap and turn the LED blue so I know that the scene is active. Recently, while the lighting scene is active, the "CurrentState" under agents shows "Inactive" and the LED on the keypad does not turn blue. When I click on "Activate Scene" under the agents tab C4 does succesfully activate the scene. However, the Current State never changes from Inactive status to active status. Does anyone have any suggestions on what might cause this? Thank you
  5. I've been using Unifi cameras with the unifi nvr for about 4 years now. I've only had C4 for a couple years and haven't tried to integrate them. I feel that they are ok, but there are probably better options available. Keep in mind that my equipment is the older UVC G3 model cameras and nvr. The newer ones may be better. The price seemed right when I got mine and I had a friend who seemed happy with them. I primarily check them on my pc. I don't care for the app on my iphone. On both the PC and IPhone I feel that it is slow to load. However, I have had them for a while and once setup they haven't failed. For me personally, if I ever need to replace them I'll explore other options. It's something that has become more important to me over time and I'd probably be willing to spend a little more if it meant a performance/experience boost.
  6. I don't have an HC250, but on my HC800 there is a green terminal block that plugs in to the relay and contact inputs. I would assume that a similar part is required for the HC250. Is that what kurb77 needs or is referring to. I wouldn't know where to get that except to call my dealer. This is what it looks like on the HC800
  7. I've never done this, but if I create VLANS will I be able to separate the cameras from the main network? Will it improve the performance of my network etc...? Thanks
  8. Thanks so much for this! This will be my weekend project.
  9. Great. Thank you. I am using an Araknis Router AN-300-RT-4L2W Cameras are connected to two different Ubiquiti switches Unifi Switch 16 POE-150 W The rest of the network is connected to an Araknis switch AN-110-SW-F-24 Thank you
  10. I would love to learn more about your recommendation regarding a separate subnet for cameras. I would like to optimize my network and have 20 cameras and two nvrs. I have read a little bit about vlans, but I thought that was more for security purposes rather than moving the traffic hogging cameras off the main network. Can you suggest a resource that might help me learn how to do what you've suggested? Thank you
  11. Thanks for the response. Not sure what a virtual sensor driver is. For example, would the actual (zone) door contact need to be linked through C4 to another sensor/something that would allow programming? Basically, the alarm door contact output serving as an input to something else then programming off of that? Is that something my dealer can do through the Composer Pro settings? Thanks again
  12. I looked at Rachio a long time ago. I have a rust inhibitor pump (rid-o-rust) that runs on some zones but not all zones. When I looked at Rachio it was only capable of running the rid-o-rust pump on all zones or none of them. Does anyone know if the new Rachio controller will allow me to select the zones in which I want the pump to operate on? I do not want the pump to run on all zones. Or perhaps that adjustment can be made through C4. Thanks
  13. Does anyone know if it is possible to program actions based on zone status of my alarm system? I have included some screenshots from Composer HE. If I look in monitoring under properties I can see each alarm zone, however in programming the options seem very limited and don't appear to include the zones. I was hoping to trigger some lighting if certain doors were opened etc... Thanks in advance.
  14. I upgraded to an EA-5 and kept the HC800 to use for my garage door openers and some motions etc... Not sure what they go for used, but I'm glad I kept mine.
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