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  1. Let me at it! I need this. Just got Composer HE installed and it's quite cumbersome to use so far. Need some basic guidance instead of reading through the C4 manuals...
  2. what version of composer is this? I don't have those programming functions on my version
  3. Thanks @msgreenf Is that just a programming control and selecting a STOP in c4 language?
  4. This programming change from last night didnt act as it should this morning. What happened when I opened the mudroom door after 6am - the kitchen lights turned on... No reason why they should... the program says only between 10pm and 6am. I think it's the if less than 50% if statement that is causing them to ignore the Time check... is there a better way to do an else statement? IF time between 10pm and 6am THEN ramp to 100 ELSE IF less than or equal to 50% during 10pm and 6am THEN ramp to 100. Sorry, I suck at programming...
  5. Oh god, you're right. Must dragged it incorrectly.
  6. Please have a look at my script. I'd rather have it say Ramp to level 100 on the living room Kitchen over 1000 milliseconds (or whatever appropriate time I need). the problem is the ramp rate doesnt seem to work, it goes straight to full power light. Any idea? I can press and hold the physical dimmer switch and it gradually ramps up or down as desired, so I know the bulbs at least are capable of dimming. Not sure what else I'm missing here.
  7. I haven't noticed a cold start value set. In my initial dealer install I can press and hold the dimmer switch on or off and it will ramp down nice and slow to either 0% or 100% or anything in between. I can't be certain the value is 80% (haven't looked in composer) but yes they are pretty bright immediately after the action happens. I'll grab some screen shots later this evening and add them to this topic.
  8. Hey everybody, I'm trying to play with some lighting scenes in the house with Composer HE and the ramp rate I am trying to configure is not working as desired. For example I have it when my front door opens -> my living room lights ramp up to 100 over a period of time. What ends up happening is the door opens, the lights immediately go to like 80% and then they seem to ramp up to 100 but slowly. Not the desired 0% ramping to 100% over 5 seconds type of thing. any idea? thx everybody. I can forward some screen caps of my settings when I get home tonight if needed.
  9. so essentially, the sensor is checking every 5 minutes regardless if someone is home or not, and every time someone creates motion the lights are going on?
  10. I'm thinking... If Mudroom Door is OPEN AND If Security System is disarmed AND Kitchen is not sensing motion THEN turn Kitchen lights on Is that appropriate? thx
  11. Oh I like that! If security is armed, no motion on sensors... then when I open mudroom door the lights come on... That doable?
  12. I enter the area through a man door from the garage. It's on a sensor for my alarm system which is also programmed in the c4. So not sure if the c4 can detect open sensors through the alarm system or not?
  13. Right right. So, I have a motion sensor as part of my alarm system which is integrated to my c4 app in my kitchen which I want to take advantage of. I also have the door sensor integrated. So yes, if occupancy is null, mudroom door opens, activate kitchen lights to 100%. But only once, not every time the mudroom door is open. If that makes sense
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