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  1. I just read up on the iTunes driver, my iTunes is on my dedicated media server (PC), with that driver does that allow navigating the iTunes library and playlists through the Control4 interface, or what exactly does that do?
  2. I can't speak for others, but for me it is for the playlists that I have made over the years. I don't always want my local collection but for the times I do it's nice to have access to it
  3. Oh that's interesting to know, I like the idea of iPod interface :/ So if I were to use something like HC250 BL-1 that uses version 2.1 like discussed above, it would still be there?
  4. Hello, Thank you for your response! For #2 and #3 I believe I understand what you mean, If I wanted to play 2 different audio streams from 2 different apps built into the controller I would need at least the EA3 which has multiple audio outs, I hadn't thought of that so thank you! #4 - I have an iPod laying around with all of my music and playlists on it so I just assumed the easiest way to make that a connected source was getting the docking station because Control4 interface allows you to control the iPod doesn't it? I may have that wrong. #5 - Sorry to be more clear I guess I was just curious what kind of ballpark to have a programmer configure an audio system like I described, I wasn't sure if it would be <$100 or >$500 Thanks for the response! So in theory I could get an older controller and just use dot(s) to play apps like spotify/sirius/amazon music? Because the older controllers don't have any of those music apps built in do they?
  5. Hello, Thanks for reading this. I REALLY like the interface of Control4 and have always wanted to use it for my whole home audio over any other smart audio system, it just seems very complex so I had a few basic questions if someone could help... for starters I'm going to be using Control4 primarily for whole home audio which has 7 zones, all wires ran to the zones and back to central location. In my research it looks like the C4-16AMP3-B 8 zone audio matrix is my best bet, I don't plan to have any keypads, just tablets and phones. The main sources that I plan to have hooked up to this is; -iPod dock (I have iTunes library and playlists and I assume this is the easiest way to get them into the system) -Amazon Music -Spotify -1 TV audio -Satellite Radio -Chromecast Audio From what I can tell I will also need a Controller, and for apps like Spotify and SiriusXM they are built into the newer controllers like EA1 and not older controllers like the HC-300 for example, correct? Also, for Amazon music since it's not built into a controller I assume Chromecast Audio is the best way to go for that, or is there a better idea? For things beyond whole home audio, I don't NEED anything else connected, but I do have a security camera system (with it's own app). I also have some smart bulbs/switches/outlets that are already running fine and mostly set on schedules or by voice commands with Alexa/Smartthings so I don't need to integrate them but wouldn't mind it if it's easy and cost effective. Is there any integration between Control4 and voice commands through Alexa? Figured I'd better ask. So for hardware I figured I would need the -C4-16AMP3-B -Controller (likely the EA1 for use of built in apps) -iPod dock What kind of cost am I looking at on the software/programming side? Also is there anything I'm way off base on since I'm very new to this? Thank you!
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