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  1. In addition, may be the wrong site but I have a lot of URC pieces laying around. a few remotes TRC-780 and the TRC-1280 that has the docking station. As well as some repeaters and controllers. Please message me if interested. Thanks guys!
  2. Hey guys, all this free time I started cleaning out my office and came across some random parts I dont need. Everything is brand new in the box unless specified. Shoot me offers if interested. -DOOR STATION KEYPAD MODULE (BRUSHED NICKEL) -ZIGBEE TO IR MODULE (ZCA-Z2IR10A-ZP)sold -1 WIRELESS CONFIGURABLE KEYPAD (SNOW WHITE) sold -1 BINARY BALUN (B-540-EXT-330-RS-IP) -PAKEDGE WAP (WA-2200-C) -3 APD120 DIMMERS (SNOW WHITE) SOLD
  3. All pms responded. Remote sold. Thanks guys.
  4. Have a few more leftovers from things I’ve come across. Shoot offers if interested. (never installed and in original packaging)
  5. Willing to let it go cheap. Offers? Trades?
  6. Anyone have suggestions for a printer & nylon that has black labels with white text? I think it would look cleaner on black 16/4.
  7. I have a brand new C4-WALL10-1-WH that I will not be using. Pm offers. Never taken out of the box.
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