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  1. Looks like changing the radio strength on the APs helped keep the connection. I am at 2 hours and the Neeo remote has not disconnected. I have one AP set to medium on 2.4 ghz and the other AP is set to low. I am thinking that now the Neeo will stay connected to the AP with the medium radio. Seems to be working and will update if it does drop off.
  2. I am having the same problem here. I have noticed that from my unifi side the Neeo remote connects for 5 seconds and then disconnects. I have 2 Neeos and 1 is fine and the other struggles. I believe the location of the remote in between the two APs and the remote bounces between them. I am going to try updating the firmware again. I will also try bringing the good neeo remote to the struggling location and see if that neeo remote stays connected.
  3. I did try adjusting the ramp rates and such in the settings. I also tried the 15 taps and locked in either a forward or reverse phase depending on what Composer defaulted the dimmer to. But nothing worked, except for the 9-4-9 tap for a limited time before reverting back. I cannot figure this one out. Any other recommendations?
  4. Thanks, I will try this later today and hopefully this holds for the dimmers.
  5. Hey guys, I am stumped on this one. I had my Control4 system since December running an EA5, but last month I noticed that none of my adaptive phase dimmers are dimming. They will only turn on and off. Through the app or Neeo remotes the dimming slider will only turn them on or off. I have tried resetting through the air gap switch and that does not seem to revert the dimming back. If I reset using the 9-4-9 the dimming is restored for 15-45 min and the lights will have a slight flicker and then dimming functionality stops. I have tried setting the adaptive phase to forward or reverse and that does not seem to help. My lights and light bulbs are all capable of dimming as I have replaced the bulbs and fixtures to dimmable when I completed my renovation. One other thing to note is I have a couple of legacy dimmers and they still dim and have not lost their functionality. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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