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  1. From C4 Customer Advocacy... I'm happy to let you know that this issue with HE has been resolved in the next release of OS 3. We do not have a set date yet but it will be fairly soon. All of the open bugs need to be closed before we release it.
  2. I'm frustrated with the HE announcement issue as well and thought about a workaround using either Advanced Announcements and/or Voice Agent drivers. While the drivers both work well, I'm unable to get them to work for me b/c as soon as I go to the respective announcement in HE (e.g. to change rooms/volume) it invalidates that setup due to drop-down bug resulting in a "broken" announcement. Ugh...come on C4, you can do better than this. Gonna do my best to file a defect incident ticket.
  3. Same issues for me on 3.2. Have file access via network share and can add/delete but that's it. No files are found in composer audio announcement dropdown. Therefore can't administer announcements.
  4. After getting a quote from my dealer stating my project would require 2 full days of programming, I reached out to Mitch on a whim. Am so glad I did! He's the most knowledgeable C4 guy I've ever met. He was able to complete the work in an hour and a half and provide suggestions I wasn't aware of that ultimately made my project and experience much better. Thanks again Mitch!
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