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  1. Right. But when I hide a room that has an audio zone, the room doesn't show up in this list. If hidden, is there still a way to select it as an active audio zone in navigator? Or is it hidden everywhere?
  2. I'm trying to reduce the number of rooms that show up in Navigator. I have some rooms that only have an audio zone so it feels clumsy to have them visible. We usually turn those speakers on by adding the zone to a session that's already active. Can you somehow hide the room but still have the zone show up in the active/volume list of an active session?
  3. Ah bummer. Out of curiosity, what's the limitation?
  4. Right, that’s the driver I’m using and it uses the same IP for stream and snapshot. You can only specify what gets appended to the end. Is there another driver that could work or be modified?
  5. I have Meraki MV cameras and have integrated them into Control4 using the Generic IP camera driver. I have the RTSP stream working but need some help with the snapshot image. The Meraki cameras can generate a snapshot jpg via an API call. The resulting image is at a different location (ex: https://spn4.meraki.com/stream/jpeg/snapshot/b2d123asdf423qd22d2) than the location of the RTSP stream (the camera's local IP address). Two questions: Is there a different driver that lets me specify a different IP address for the snapshot? Can I modify a driver to integrate the API call code to generate the image, or would it be easier to make that call outside the driver (ex: separate web service)?
  6. I just did something similar. I'm using a DS2 for gate control, so scope might be a bit different, but here's what it looks like: DS2 connected to gate control box Meraki 8 port switch in a NEMA enclosure Ubiquiti NanoStation AC wireless bridge (wirelessly connects to another one back at the house) AC power goes to the switch, and PoE powers the DS2 and NanoStation It works really well and I have some spare switch ports for cameras or otherwise. But obviously this would be an expensive solution if you don't need intercom and video. -Stephen
  7. This part makes sense to me if I'm attaching this to a custom button. But what if a user enters a code on the DS2 and I want the gate to open for 30 seconds, and then close again? It seems that code entry is inherently connected to the lock, and the relay behavior is based on whether I have it set up for momentary contact or pulse. Any suggestions?
  8. Same here. Just had to re-pair to get it working again.
  9. It was added by my dealer in the last two weeks. How can I tell what the latest driver version is?
  10. My DS2 has gone offline for some reason. I can ping it, the camera feed works, and I can log in to the web interface. But it shows Offline in Composer and I can't toggle the lock via Navigator. I've tried rebooting the controller and DS2 but doesn't seem to fix it. Any advice?
  11. I should add, I want the same open + automatically close behavior if a user enters via a code. I know how to do this, but the complication is that I also want to keep a button in navigator that holds the gate open or closed, and shows that status.
  12. I'm using a DS2 to control my Liftmaster gate. I'm trying to figure out if I can use the relay two different ways: (1) toggle to keep the gate open or closed and (2) pulse, to open the gate but allow it to automatically close after a set period of time. The relay is connected to an input that, when closed momentarily, will open the gate. Then the timer on the gate closes it. If the input is held closed, it bypasses the timer and keeps the gate open. Can I program a button to control whether the gate is open or closed, and also have a separate function to open the gate via the intercom but allow it to auto close via timer? It's not clear to me as the lock has a setting for pulse OR toggle, but not both.
  13. I have HV and a wired network at this location. The wireless (backhaul for the wired) is a point-to-point bridge but won't connect devices. The Global Cache device looks like a good option although it's pricey for what it does - $135 on Amazon. Is there a Control4 driver?
  14. I'm trying to figure out the best way to control a low-voltage transformer for landscape lighting that is located out of zigbee range. It's next to my driveway gate which has a local network switch (via wireless bridge) and a DS2, but no Wi-Fi or home run wiring. I was thinking of a C4 switch or 12V relay, but neither work for the above reasons. Any ideas that are cost-effective?
  15. Thanks. I have Cat6 so wiring isn’t an issue for me. Rather I’d like to do it cheaper than a DS2 and without the Ring security and privacy issues. While still having event and/or video integration.
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