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  1. Thank you everyone for your input. We ended up binding keypad buttons to scenes and toggle scenes. Scenes can be edited by user via HE but the experience is still sluggish. Any tips or thoughts? Thanks
  2. Hi, Using Home Composer. I have shades set up via scheduler but would rather have all instructions for a particular room set up in one place. I can do this by programming a macro that tests for the time of day and executes instructions. However, this implies a macro that loops forever. Is this ok or am I boycotting the whole system? Thanks
  3. Hi: I am using: Composer Home Edition: 3.1.3, Build 574885-res / OS Package: Director version: I have four users and four devices registered in my account via My Home Control4 website. However, in Composer HE, only the main one is shown in the Advanced tab in the Communication Agent. This means I can not add other users to Groups for doorbell, etc. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks,
  4. Hi, My dealer setup the keypads with the buttons bound to light switches. This works fine but it means I cannot make any changes to the keypads with Composer HE. Is this the best way to have this set up? I do not want to chase my dealer every time I want to make a change with the buttons on the keypads and the light switches. Thanks.
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