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  1. Does anyone know if Control4 has user permissions? Example: Give your teenager only access to specific items on their iPhone
  2. Thanks everyone! This is great feedback and I feel a lot less concerned.
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm considering Control4 in a house I'm building and I wanted to ask some honest questions in hope of getting some honest feedback. Most importantly, I am not here to dog or question if Control4 is worth it. I've seen a show room and my questions are based on my personal hobbies that involve Control4. I am an engineer, my entire life revolves around technology and I absolutely love it. When I spoke with my Control4 vendor, it seems that I would have little access to the system. Q: For those of you who sell and support Control4, is it really true that end users have little ability to control what's going on with the Control4 product? Q: Does Control4 have a public SDK? Thanks!
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