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  1. I have an older APC 1500 Smart battery backup which I have my rack plugged into. Recently it started shutting down the rack for no reason ..no power outages isn the rest of the house, and it stopped when I plugged the rack directly into the wall, so pretty sure it's the APC unit. Bayyery reads 100% and the self test showed good. I have no idea whats wrong with it and frankly it's probably too old to mess with, so here is my question: I recently had a stand by generator installed which kicks in after the power is out for 10 seconds. Can I replace the 1500 smart UPS with a UPS with less power and without all of the bells and whistles as I only need it to catch that 10 seconds between power out and the genny coming on. Any thoughts or recommendations greatly appreciated...john
  2. Wanted to update in case someone else has the problem. Muj had mentioned IP control which had me lost, but , finally got it right. There is a function on Samsung TV's called Expert and you can use it in every area. I went into networking, hit expert and it showed that IP was enabled. Apparently that conflicts with the IR. I hit 'disable 'and it was game on. Wanted to thank everyone that took the time to help me and give back a bit by letting you know the outcome and solution. G'nite gents.
  3. Video Input switching NOT working (no light) although audio, which comes from the rack, does. May also contact Samsung and ask where the ideal spot might be. Thanks for the input.
  4. Good call gents. I moved the IR onto the Samsung emblem on the front and am able to turn set on and off now. Still unable to switch to x box, mac mini and other cable box but this gets me where I want to be. Surprised that it didn't work when attached to the obvious sensor which is under the Samsung emblem but I will play with it and see if I can solve it. TV is a replacement for a 13 yr old model. This one is TU700D. Many thanks for helping out a less than technical guy. Well done.
  5. Thanks to all..yes, this replaced a 13 yr old tv. Consensus seems to be IR placement?
  6. Thanks for the reply Muj. Im sure it's something simple but I'm not great at this. When I change the channel on the C4 remote I see the IR flash so I know its sending a signal..but when I try to shut the TV off , change to Xbox etc, no flash. I moved the IR around and even held it just off the sensor ...but no joy. I do have network going to it ...not sure what IP control is.
  7. Replaced my Samsung TV with a new Samsung ...attached IR and thought I was good. Wrong. C4 remote will change channels, volume but wont turn TV on and off, switch to Xbox etc. I thought this was plug and play when you switched TV's...what am I missing? Thanks
  8. john f

    John F

    I believe the router in my rack is crapping out. The model has been discontinued. When I replace it with something else (same make, different model) can I just plug and play or must I have the dealer program it in some way first? Thanks..john f
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