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  1. Glad to hear of the progress, looking forward to the release 😀
  2. Any news on when the updated driver is going to drop?
  3. Happy to report that the radio paradise app is now working with this latest driver. Thanks for the excellent support!
  4. Thanks, all. This seems to be working now 😀
  5. Thanks, I’ll try these out.
  6. I've got (I think) a basic question about lighting with Composer HE. In my theater room I have a projector and a TV. I use the C4 Theater Display Selector driver to switch between them and it works pretty well. My issue is just that I'd like some default lighting when I first turn on the TV. So I have programmed it via: * when TV turns on, activate lighting scene "my scene" This works, but sometimes I manually change the lighting afterwards. But then if I just switch sources, without turning the TV off or on again, the lighting goes back to "my scene" rather than staying the way it was. So I don't quite understand why this program executes every time I change sources, as the condition I have set is "TV, Power On." Any thoughts on how to resolve this so that the commands are really just executed once– when the TV is turned on? Thanks...
  7. I'm generally quite happy with this driver. But I will mention one small issue. I use the radio paradise app. If I return to the app from the main screen it comes up as "Paused". With this driver no key I press will make the audio play, I have to use the real physical apple remote instead. I guess I don't know if this is a quirk of the radio paradise app or not. But hitting play on the real remote does work. I would appreciate if the devs could investigate.
  8. I've had my Control4 system and Neeo for about a year and it has worked very well. Just in the last few months the Neeo has started to freeze when I switch rooms. It says something about getting the latest settings, when I select the other room, then hangs. This only started happening in the last few months and it seems to be getting worse over time. The only workaround I have is to reboot the remote when this happens, then it works again. My home network seems quite healthy, no other devices are having issues, so I don't believe that's the issue. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot the issue? I was also thinking that maybe I should just do a factory reset of the remote, but then I wasn't quite sure how to reassociate it with my system and existing settings. I do have a license for Composer HE if it matters.
  9. What's the cost for this driver? I'm considering reaching out to my dealer about integrating it... currently us IR for my Apple TV 4K.
  10. As far as I can tell those only apply if C4 is controlling a motorized screen. I do have such a screen, but it's triggered directly by my projector (DC trigger). So I don't believe those settings would do anything in my case. But I'm still new to C4 so let me know if I got that wrong...
  11. Not yet, I'll try it this week and report back if it helps.
  12. The driver is working fine for me except if I do the following: use the projector turn off the system select the TV and turn on the system I have to select the source device a second time before the TV will turn on
  13. In my theater room I have a JVC projector and an LG TV and I'm using the Theater Display Switcher to switch between them. This mainly works fine with the following exception. Say I've been using the projector and I shut the room off. If the next time I use the room I switch to the TV, it (the TV) fails to turn on. However from watching the status light on the TV I know It received some command. So either it didn't get power on for some reason, or it got power on and immediate off, or something else? The usual way I work around this issue is to select some other source (as opposed to the last source used) and then the TV turns on. I would very much like to resolve this issue as otherwise the theater display switcher works fine.
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