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  1. In my theater room I have a JVC projector and an LG TV and I'm using the Theater Display Switcher to switch between them. This mainly works fine with the following exception. Say I've been using the projector and I shut the room off. If the next time I use the room I switch to the TV, it (the TV) fails to turn on. However from watching the status light on the TV I know It received some command. So either it didn't get power on for some reason, or it got power on and immediate off, or something else? The usual way I work around this issue is to select some other source (as opposed to the last source used) and then the TV turns on. I would very much like to resolve this issue as otherwise the theater display switcher works fine.
  2. It works now and it seems like this modification is what fixed it.
  3. Thanks, I appreciate the tip on lighting scenes very much. Beyond that, does anyone have suggestions on resources (docs, posts, blogs, videos, etc) for getting started with Composer HE? My main interest is for home theater use. Thanks 😀
  4. Can anyone recommend some resources to help get started with Composer HE? My day job involves a significant amount of programming (C) but that doesn't directly translate when using this proprietary app to program my system. So trying to get a handle on what's possible, then how best to implement things. I'm mainly using C4 for my theater room, some lighting, plus a couple of other rooms with fewer A/V devices (compared to the theater room). Longer term I'd like to add some whole house automation stuff, but I'm not there yet. And then I'll also just mention one specific item I'd like to change. When selecting lighting for a room on the Neeo remote, it always first takes me to a screen to modify each particular light. I have to dig into another menu to get to lighting scenes, which is what I always want. Is there any way to invert this, get the scenes first, with a sub menu to get to each individual light?
  5. My dealer resolved this. I’ll try to determine what he did and report back.
  6. I can't quite figure it out. On the iOS app here's what I get when I follow your instructions (attached). I don't see a menu button or navigation keys.
  7. I will try to debug this in the next few days and report back. I'm also going to reset my player to see if it makes any difference.
  8. Thanks, it’s good to know there is already a built in feature I can use.
  9. I wanted to program my theater room so that if I press mute on the remote it will automatically pause playback on whatever device I'm using. My thought was to do some conditionals along the lines of (in pseudo-code): if denon_input=x <pause device x> if denon_input=y <pause device y> etc. But inspecting the variables available on the Denon AVRs it's not clear to me if such a variable exists. Can someone point me to that variable or else tell me a good method to accomplish this?
  10. Thanks for the reply. But I think you are talking about the actual C4 remotes? I have a Neeo and can access the Denon AVR on that no problem. My issue is with the iOS app where I don't see the same functionality.
  11. I am brand-new to C4 as my dealer just did an install this week, replacing my old URC gear. In addition I have a license for Composer HE. I'm currently using C4 in two rooms, one has a Denon X4300H receiver and the other a Denon 4311ci. One thing I'd like to be able to do in both rooms is to navigate the Denon GUI using the Neeo or the iOS app, to do more complex operations (view the current surround mode, audio and video info, modify channel levels, cross-overs, etc). On the Neeo this seems to work well as under "Watch" one of the selections is the AVR in the room. If I go there then I can directly select different surround modes but it also has an option "select receiver". If I use that option then the remote gives me full control to the Denon GUI which is great. The thing that confuses me is that the iOS C4 app is nearly identical but doesn't have a "select receiver" option. So I can't figure out anyway to bring up and navigate the Denon GUI when using the iOS app.
  12. My control4 system was just installed last week (replacing a URC complete control system from 2011). I told my installer about this driver for Oppo 203 so he installed it. It works fine with one major exception– the 203 fails to power on when I select to "watch" it. If I turn it on manually then the C4 devices (Neeo and IOS) work fine to control it and power it off. The standby mode for the player is set to "Network Standby" and IP control is enabled. I have been starting to learn Composer HE as well. One thing I noticed is if I double-click on the Oppo 203 device in the "monitoring" pane it brings up a window where I can issue commands to the 203. Power On does not work there either. But if I bring up the "UHD Blu-ray Virtual Switch" instead then Power On works fine there. So the summary is the Power Off works on the plain Oppo 203 device, but not Power On, while both Power On and Power Off work for the virtual switch. I would appreciate any advice on how to troubleshoot and resolve this. I have attached a screenshot of the properties in case that helps. Thanks...
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