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  1. Not kidding: rm -rf You should always keep in mind that "rm -rf" is one of the most dangerous commands, that can never be run on a Linux system, especially as root. The following command will erase everything on your root (/) partition. It seems that it is a total deletion of the files, it means that the triad one without volume control and without input parameters could work, it seems a joke. Cheers
  2. Good afternoon, I am moving forward, I have managed to enter the Linux of the triad one, I have not tried configurations with Linux commands. I think the most comfortable thing is to buy a second-hand hc-250 controller on ebay, I already have an account with control4, my question is: Could I add the triad one to the system, once I connect the hc-250 to the same network? Or is the hc-250 very old and I will not be able to use the triad one ?. thank you for your patience.
  3. ok, don't worry, and in return the source, sorry, sorry for triad one. Sometimes the economic is expensive, but I don't give up, I will try to configure the triad one in some way, even if it's just the analog input. Greetings.
  4. Thank you for your prompt response, the fact is that my budget is limited and I erroneously bought this amplifier, I have spoken with a control distributor4 here in Valencia Spain and the controller that offers me gets out of my budget, on ebay I have seen hc- controllers 250 economic, but I will still need a username and password. There is no possibility of obtaining a demo account to configure the triad one, I have installed several control apps on android4, but all require an account. If I buy a driver via ebay, what is the way to register it and get the account? I tried to access the triad one's IP with the ip scaner program and there is no way. thanks
  5. hello, I have purchased a triad one amplifier in a second-hand store, how can I configure it ?, on the android mobile I have installed several app control4, but they ask me for a username and password. I don't have any control4 controller, I just want to run the triad one, just the amplifier, is there a free account for control4? thanks
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