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  1. Considering the other large automation systems don't EOL active system hardware to stay on current software... I don't agree. You shouldn't need to replace products that do basic control and audio distribution.
  2. Versabox is great. Arlington makes great back boxes as well. Samsung Frame TV certainly has a good enough picture compared to a lot of TV and isn't made from the lower house products so don't have any shame in that either. The frame mode is actually pretty spot on and if you use their picture frame mount or something of similar purpose to make flat as normal wall art it really take on that look. Some would say 62" is on the high side but not ridiculous and certainly not bad for a mantel.... TV height is somewhat dependent on how far aware you are seated... exceptions are laying i
  3. You can have the Ecobee do what you're asking based on its own app... and still use C4 for general integration use.
  4. It's silly because of the cost since he doesn't have a keypad dimmer. I applaud you for possibly sending him one. Some people change their system often. It's nice you haven't. I take the experiences of all my Control4 clients, not just my own personal system. If people are at times frustrated that they need to "bother" their dealer to get a driver changed remotely, they can feel the same about the keypads. Since you want to talk about Savant... it's obviously the same process no matter which of the keypads you choose from them. The buttons are assigned from inside the end users app
  5. For reference...Savant remote usually dies about day 3 off-charger. Regular use of touch screen, 5G Wifi, lit hard buttons, voice control etc.
  6. Keep in mind that you will be also likely controlling the load when doing these 2 or 3 taps so you may need to reprogram that light control as well. That's silly. Why spend extra money just for buttons? So they can get different buttons when they decided to change the programming again?
  7. Yes, you are likely being sold. This is typical and id advise you to find another dealer. Your system across all areas definitely would have software updates and hardware upgrades, but nothing is needed unless you have performance issues or are looking for new features. If you can provide us with product models and OS version we can explain more. Im sure someone from your area can comment more about dealership options.
  8. You can hook up all 3 if you want... or be more "official" and get an inexpensive speaker selector with impedance matching. That gives you a solid plan for this new additional zone.
  9. Well... this is why elite dealers and things like profit margins exist.... just saying.
  10. Any decent outdoor solution will be better than that soundbar. They are great for a better than TV solution but not much else. No complaints about a Triad One for integration if you have the ability for it. I would suggest anything but Polk which is pretty much cheap crap.
  11. If you're dealer is charging you for adding Spotify drivers you need a new dealer.
  12. You're putting in one speaker or a single dual voice coil (stereo) speaker? If it's the latter you need a 2ch solution just fyi.
  13. Accurate to what? Again, most of these people are box openers. Listing and reviewing the obvious stats we can all quickly look up and giving opinion in subjected configurations thats IMO and professional experience is actually generally inaccurate. AVS forums is a mess because of "reviewers".
  14. Well hopefully you enjoy. There is no picture advantage with mini-LED...it's just different tech and something Samsung specifically likes to talk about since they are... or were... anti OLED. Mico-LED is a different story. There is also virtually no real reason to care about 2.1 at this time. If you care about refresh rate you should be getting a large commercial monitor.
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