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  1. My system works just fine with my Ring doorbell...😉
  2. Right or wrong, it's the perception that inexpensive, readily available DYI designed products have free cloud services but premium luxury systems with premium installer fees require an additional license just to view basic features remotely.
  3. Make sure to remove the HC300 PS first. Can always be reused for an blown audio matrix.
  4. Also these are power amps not matrix amps. You can purchase any 16ch amp available.
  5. Fresh used equipment from an system I just changed over. All is in full working order. I try not to hold much used C4 gear anymore so PM reasonable offers.. Control4 Equipment EA5 OS2 HC800 C4-16S2 Audio Matrix C4 C4-8AMP1 Matrix Amp (2) C4 16amp3 8zone Matix Amp (3) CCZ-T1 Thermostats Lots SR250s remotes Lots of first gen dimmers and keypads Networking Equipment Pakage NK1 Wireless Controller (2) Pakedge WK-1 Wireless APs (2) Araknis 210 8-port POE switches
  6. Agreed... but I think thats THE point. You should have multiple APs for an advanced high speed network. If AP brand #1 is 4x less cost and has the same performance it would be silly to buy the more expensive APs. It's also then a benefit to having the same managed switches and routing that Rukus can not provide. Ubiquity does pretty much have zero corp. "support"... it's the power user base that can help get quick answers to some of the most complicated networking stuff.
  7. Most garden systems are well distributed 4" drivers with 2+ subwoofers. Similar to a more modern indoor distribution with 4" apertures and in-ceiling sub. 6" drivers and even 8" drivers on outdoor speakers are not designed for low frequency. I would say the next step above the Sonance, Triad options would be bollard speakers from Revel or Origin. Costal Source make top notch outdoor loudspeakers but it's not a great pool/large spread option.
  8. Araknis was designed to be inexpensive but it is a network brand. MOIP and OVRC are just Snap features. Snap also owns Pakedge (which was a high end network brand) and now owns Access Networks (which is full enterprise) so the fact that they offer control and media solutions in 2021 when our industry is neck deep in IT requirements should be expected. and in 2021... the last thing Control4 offers thats better than most is a universal remote.
  9. I under no circumstances would suggest Araknis for any networking unless you are looking for managed bottom dollar solution. I mostly use enterprise/ prosumer Netgear at this point... but as a pro I have access to their Cloud management system for no extra cost. As a long time and avid Ubiquity user... I agree with both. I don't agree with Tundra about the UDM but I do agree that Ubiquity has gone through a bit of a rough phase the last year or so. Part of Ubiquitys deal has always been active patches/updates etc. and so I have always instilled the perviously mentioned method of waiting on anything thats not a critical update. I generally do that with most tech. They ARE changing things.. and some of that has caused actual problems. There is a lingering fear that they will move to a lic. system and there has been frustrations with some of the forced Cloud server integration. TP-Link Omada is the "new" Ubiquity replacement that some of the "fan boys" as someone mentioned...are leaving for. It's very new and certainly missing a lot...not sure I have much of an opinion otherwise.
  10. There are new 10" iPads on Best Buys website for just over $300... even with your argument you could be saving people $1k's in cost by cutting each locations price in half with virtually no set back... while giving many more capabilities. I would rather move that clients money over to other parts of the system they would like to enjoy as well. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/apple-10-2-inch-ipad-latest-model-with-wi-fi-64gb-space-gray/4901809.p?skuId=4901809 We all know you can get brand new previous gen units online without much difficulty as well. I am sure we all have different ideas on aesthetics but both of these iPad solutions are as (IMO more) clean and high end looking as any of the (very not zero edge) ugly dedicated panels from manufactures (Savant included). Especially now with the edgeless iPads/tablets out.
  11. Its not here-say... and there are plenty of us dealers who suggest tablets over dedicated touch screens. Especially touch screens that cost more than an iPad and are built as cheaply as a Fire tablet.
  12. Lol... thanks for "adding" something. Control4 isn't the only one in this boat, so I do believe it's more complicated than just not wanting to. Maybe with Snaps $$$ things will change.
  13. He said "I highly doubt there are much better systems that fully integrate the automation of a house on one platform." I disagree. Get over yourself. Thats all.
  14. Lol indeed. Iv seen a lot of absolutely ridiculous ways to break into a garage for very little gain. Some people just aren't very smart.
  15. 2 sensors and 2 magnets usually in case of a theft we have seen garage doors be cut open from the bottom. I think I actually learned that from a Control4 education a long long time ago.
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