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  1. 100%. We all know I am not a Rukus guy but Eero is consumer grade networking at best and that's usually the beginning of peoples problems. Eero Pro is just for their newest Tri-Band. If i remember correctly Eero also caps their mesh transfer speeds I think somewhere in the 300mbs but I would research that. Unifi Mesh or Orbi Pro are both very capable and fully configurable.
  2. Depends on the setup.. Emotiva's w/ AV40 (Heavy power systems) Yamaha 11.2 preamp with Parasound amplifiers (11.2 option) AVR10 w/ Arcam with PA240 (11.1 option) Denon 6XXX (AVR 11.2 option) Yamaha 2080 (AVR 9.2 option) Not a big fan of Marantz, especially their AVRs. JBL is a more expensive version of Arcam I don't like Paradigm speakers or ARC correction so I no longer deal much with Anthem but there's no argument for its performance. There is a huge amount of demand currently for them.
  3. It's in your user settings. Most online forums allow name changes every 30 days or so
  4. Have you tried the IP control? Do you happen to remember what firmware you unit came to you with? Did this happen before your most current update? I haven't had this experience with my Arcam projects but also don't do a lot of AVR20s and move to separates with that many channels... high end AV processors are always a little twitchy unit to unit.
  5. Are you the forum parent? It's a sarcastic user name. Theres nothing but debate going on here about products and services. Stop acting like people are dishing personal jabs at each other. Good. I am happy you think Control4 is better based on random web research. I will continue to share factual information when needed that clearly states otherwise.
  6. Your bias is embarrassing and you are losing your argument. I guess the rest of us will continue to keep buying such trash hardware.
  7. Superiority... you are exhausting. I said the CA10 isn't a beast and when rebutted I bought up what Savant large systems run on Macs. They also run on inexpensive linux processors for small/ "normal" systems. Theres a laundry list of features people complain about waiting from C4 that exist not only on Savant but in other major systems...as well as things on a much more advanced level of smart home in design and programming that C4 can not natively do or do at all. Honestly I don't care if you or anyone on a website believe me, I replace Control4 systems on a monthly basis and I do this stuff
  8. I don't care how I "sound". Feel free to tell everyone else who brings up any brand besides Control4 and its glory to get over themselves as well.. Look up Noon lighting. Look up GE C. Don't have a Control4 fan boy reaction when I mention a completely acceptable solution just because its the competition.
  9. Well it would be Savant technical support...not apple.... and if you think they have hardware failures... especially anything comparably close to the amount of failed/repaired HC/EA controllers...thats on you. Anyone who states Apple doesn't have a good track record with it comes to hardware is completely wrong.
  10. I'm hope your argument for trying to justify additional $1000's of cost isn't really because you think media players don't properly support pause/play/resume... You still haven't given me any real reason to think that in your circumstances there reason for upgrading besides because you want to... which is always valid. btw go with JAP (or AVpro)... MoIP is not great quality.
  11. Where do I say I cant sell Savant? If you really think thats overkill you really don't know much about what smart homes can be.
  12. The only one that seems upset is yourself. The conversation became about smart home hubs and the power of the comparison power of the CA10. Savant big systems run on Apple CPUs which are obviously much more substantial. Go hug your Control4 comfort pillow.
  13. Just because Savant is better doesn't mean I haven't been dealing with Control4 professionally since 2006...
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