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  1. This really shows how little you know about the other systems...
  2. Feel free to complain except when you disagree... because your DS2s work 100% except for one ...and that one cant possibly be your fault.
  3. Are you using all 8 zones? The reason I ask is there are generally more options for 6-zone/12ch amps. I use an AudioControl D4600 sometimes when I don't use 'the other brand' amps. They come with a 5 year warranty and have some extra IP config features.
  4. Driver is called "Universal Adapter" under Control4 manufacture
  5. Do you have other Sonos? You can get a Sonos amp and run the in-ceiling speakers as surrounds. The inputs on the amp will be disabled. Use C4 audio input to your TV from the EA5 and ARC into the Sonos universe or use another Sonos Port for digitizing C4 audio into Sonos from the matrix.
  6. Savant experienced the same issue originally but the AppleTV IP driver works fine wired or wireless. It also has voice control and goes nicely with the AppleTV Savant app. MyQ is industry wide. "3rd party" APIs will continue to be more and more closed off because of liability and privacy and in this case security. All high end automation dealers should be hard wiring sensors and soldering control. That has been the standard for a decade.
  7. Yes those are opinions. I will also share facts about things Savant offers that Control4 does not.
  8. No. Stating products/features/functions etc. Savant offers that Control4 does not isn't opinion.
  9. Kinda ruins that whole "one amazing app" sales pitch...
  10. Yes it can do volume, fan speed, local or full scene light dimming...
  11. I would buy three FlexHDs and not pro ceiling mounted before using that Eero if you are into Unifi. They have more universal 'bubble' output RF pattern similar to plug and play mesh repeaters like Eero. Network will be ready to go to WiFi6 models when they are more readily available. I know you expected it to be bashed on here but realize that some of are network techs only concerned about performance/reliability and don't hold brand loyalty.
  12. 100%. We all know I am not a Rukus guy but Eero is consumer grade networking at best and that's usually the beginning of peoples problems. Eero Pro is just for their newest Tri-Band. If i remember correctly Eero also caps their mesh transfer speeds I think somewhere in the 300mbs but I would research that. Unifi Mesh or Orbi Pro are both very capable and fully configurable.
  13. Depends on the setup.. Emotiva's w/ AV40 (Heavy power systems) Yamaha 11.2 preamp with Parasound amplifiers (11.2 option) AVR10 w/ Arcam with PA240 (11.1 option) Denon 6XXX (AVR 11.2 option) Yamaha 2080 (AVR 9.2 option) Not a big fan of Marantz, especially their AVRs. JBL is a more expensive version of Arcam I don't like Paradigm speakers or ARC correction so I no longer deal much with Anthem but there's no argument for its performance. There is a huge amount of demand currently for them.
  14. It's in your user settings. Most online forums allow name changes every 30 days or so
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