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  1. Hey gang I have any 800 and want to put it in my rack looking for the rack mount and hardware let me know what you have please! bill
  2. Problem solved... Thanks ILoveC4. You called it the extra wire was feeding another outlet on another room. I pulled the wires from the extra wire and then tested outlets till I found the dead outlet. All wired up good to go now thanks!
  3. I haven't touched it since I posted.... My wife has been direction my attentions to other projects and the kids. The prior electrician (probably one who wired house when built) did exactly that has black wires tied together with a pig tail to the switch... I thought could be wrong the dimmer went where the power coming from the breaker went. and the 2 button key pad went to the box that didn't have the power coming from the panel. I installed all my other dimmer switches that didn't have a 3 way switch requirement and it went super smooth without a hitch.
  4. Thanks for the advice... I had my blinders on when looking at this problem. On the other side of the wall 2FT away is an electrical outlet. I am betting that the extra wire is tied to that and they are tying the power to it with the line in. I haven't tested my theory yet. plan is to shut the power off pull that power line of the circuit and test the outlet. Thats my hunch that it powers that. Thanks for the info. I will report back if its the case.
  5. Fair enough.... Im in NJ so having someone come in the house with COVID running rampant is not an option.... May just put this on the back burner for when things calm down. Or like you said tone the wires out and confirm the run of each wire.
  6. I was planning on pulling the light to confirm that the black /white wire was there and not the black/white/red was there to the light.
  7. So Single gang box yes to both of them. first box has power coming from breaker, white red black to other box, black white to (light?) second box has white red black and black white (assuming to other light?) Im confused how to properly wire this with a Control4 setup. I tried to set this up once and couldn't get it working properly and the 2 button key pad buzzed bad. Knew it wasn't right and was running low on time. Threw it back together for standard setup but confused the properly wiring to make the light work past the second box.
  8. Hey Gang As the title says I am trying to wire a 3 way light setup. I have a Control 4 dimmer at the top of my stairs and a 2 button switch at the bottom of the stairs. My problem confusion comes in like this dimmer switch is at the top have a light then two button keypad then another light. Below is the box wiring setup I can get pictures if its more helpful. Box 1 Wire 1 - Black White - power from the pannel Wire 2 Black white red Wire 3 Black white Light Box 2 wire 1 black white red wire 2 black white Light any help would be greatly appreciated
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