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  1. what is the right driver for the puck modules?
  2. Hi, i am new qualified c4 looking for the right directions, which drivers do i need to get this set up? i had a look on composer pro and there few options, our new project have installed prowarm system with with 17 manifold downstairs and 3 upstairs, what is the right kit for the job please?
  3. Is that external driver or available in the composer search option?
  4. Thank you. I will give a go
  5. Has anyone integrated a hikvision ds-kd8003-ime1 with control4?
  6. Thanks Alan will give him a shout.
  7. I am becoming a UK dealer, my application just got accepted and they just sent of the first proposal of what I must buy to start the training,(attached image)my question was if I wanted to spec something higher so I can do my showroom to a good standard.
  8. Hi guys, got an signed up to become s dealer in the UK, got the green light from control4, is this the best start up for training? I would like to use the equipment to set up my showroom like a multi room with a matrix, I will ask them to upgrade the triad to maybe 8 zone, but what’s the difference between c4-ea1 or c4-ea5? thank you
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